Image of a person working in the financial advisory sector at Intesa Sanpaolo

Working in Financial Advisory

The contractual framing

Image of a person working in the Financial Advisory sector of Intesa Sanpaolo

In the "Banca dei Territori" Division, the contractual framework dedicated to the Global Advisor allows you to combine the stability of an employee with the flexibility of a self-employed.

At Intesa Sanpaolo you can become a Global Advisor and be a permanent employee for 2 days a week, with all the associated benefits, and on the remaining days you can work as a VAT advisor.

"The contractual framework of the Global Advisor is an opportunity both for people and for the company: it promotes employment and allows our bank to remain competitive in an ever-changing economic and social scenario. Once again, we have been pioneers, introducing, first in Europe, a way of working that combines different needs: flexibility, which means more time for private life, the opportunity to get involved and earn more while maintaining the protections provided for all the Group employees. As always, people are the focus of our attention, just as the intention to further improve work-life integration'.

Stefano Barrese, Head of “Banca dei Territori” Division

Our project

Image of an Intesa Sanpaolo's Global Advisor

The Global Advisor position involves different levels of seniority. Whether you have a Bachelor's or Master's degree, even without experience, or you are a young professional who has already obtained the OCF certification, or a senior professional with a consolidated portfolio, this is the opportunity for you. 

Intesa Sanpaolo's training path accompanies Global Advisors with a dedicated plan, which is articulated along several lines. It includes “on-the-job” training like shadowing with experienced colleagues, workshops and digital sessions to consolidate technical skills and learn the Intesa Sanpaolo service model. Our digital training platform provides advisors with an extensive and always available catalogue.

For candidates without experience and OCF qualification, moreover, we provide a 6-month training internship with a dedicated Tutor and a specific course, useful for preparation for the OCF exam: the "Training Financial Advisor", with leading university professors.

Training on the job

Coaching with experienced colleagues, workshops and digital sessions

Digital Platform

On-demand training contents to study topics of interest

Training Financial Advisor

Path aimed at enabling OCF qualification with the support of relevant university professors

Who we are looking for

Image of a person working as a Global Advisor in Intesa Sanpaolo

We are looking for people with strong interpersonal and listening skills, who can support customers by establishing relationships of trust and value.

You will experience the possibility to work independently with the support of a solid company granting a high standard of quality in the service provided and enabling you to respond effectively to customer needs.

Apply to open positions

Image depicting the Global Advisors of Intesa Sanpaolo

Choose your opportunity!

The Global Advisor position is designed for professionals with different levels of seniority. Whether you have a Bachelor's or Master's degree, even without experience, or you are a young professional who has already obtained the OCF qualification, or a senior professional with an established portfolio, this is the opportunity for you. 


The answers to some questions you might have about the Global Advisor NEO career path. 

The selection process

What are the application requirements?

If you are aged between 19 and 32 and have a bachelor's or master's degree in economics, finance or politics, this is the opportunity for you!

I have sent my application. What are the next steps in the selection process?

Once you have sent your application, if your profile meets the requirements, we will involve you in the next selection steps: an asynchronous digital video interview and an interview with our recruiting team. 

Will I receive feedback if I don't pass one of the steps?

Of course, all candidates will receive feedback at the end of each step of the selection process.

The training path

Are training courses provided during the internship? Are they face-to-face or remote?

The internship as Global Advisor NEO includes a training course of excellence, also aimed at obtaining the OCF certification, which is indispensable for the hiring. The training is delivered digitally in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples. During your internship you will always be supported by your more experienced colleagues. 

Work organisation

What is the Global Advisor's day like?

On your days as a permanent employee you will carry out your activities and meet your customers within the branch. On freelance days, on the other hand, you can manage your time flexibly and meet clients outside the company premises, thanks to the off-site offer and to the Group's digital tools, in remote offer. The mandate is conferred on the entire national territory.


How am I supported in managing my customers?

Senior colleagues in the branch and your coordinator will support you from the first months in building and growing your customer portfolio. 

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