From Webecome arises the volume on children's education

In current events that increase hardship and demand for help, a volume tracing Webecome's educational proposal to provide parents and teachers with an agile tool for exploring experiences and content. This is how Q come quaderno!

Webecome is the project that Intesa Sanpaolo has developed to support the educating community in its relationship with Primary School children, designed to raise awareness of childhood hardships and to reinforce their contrast. contrast.                   
Q come quaderno, is the letter that is added to the Alfabeto per crescere in order to review the entire lived experience starting from the genesis of the Webecome project, passing through the collaboration between the various experts for the construction of educational paths, up to the story of the teachers and parents who have experimented with the suggested educational practices, to face and prevent uncomfortable conditions that unfortunately have recently become even more widespread.

Global emergencies, the negative implications among the youngest

The events of the present are making the future even more uncertain. The pandemic has forced us into the house. The closure and partial opening of schools and closed working, commercial and aggregative spaces have blown up consolidated customs and habits and have introduced new rules and new procedures for access and use. For some months the war has been amplifying even more the already existing economic and social fractures, making the territorial and social gaps and the various forms of poverty ever more marked.

The loss of routine has helped lead us out of the comfort area, generating stress and discomfort that often manifest themselves with tiredness, anxiety, inattention, demotivation, sadness, irritability. Poor economic resources will also be the cause of the increase in an already widespread educational poverty by increasing the number of minors who are denied the right to train and develop skills, abilities and ambitions.
In these conditions of greater fragility and vulnerability, the fight against childhood hardships and the commitment to educational inclusion assume a new centrality. For this reason, actions are increasingly needed to help preserve the school as a place of well-being and the development of fundamental skills for living in a constantly changing world and effective interventions to reduce the negative and structural effects that affect the growth phases of children. 

Webecome is a socially useful project to support the education of young girls and boys

Webecome was born to provide this help. Its educational proposal leverages on cognitive, emotional, relational, creative abilities and makes together different researches, contents, tools, experiences and skills to contribute to the development and growth of the younger generations.

Co-responsibility, participation, interdisciplinarity and enhancement of community resources

To achieve these objectives, we listened to the teachers by gathering the most urgent educational needs and the willingness to include our educational proposal in their daily life. We have asked the parents on how the collaboration between school and family could be strengthened in order to preserve the conditions of well-being and effectiveness of the growth paths. We have explored the language of creativity to enter the codes of boys and girls with the aim of stimulating their imagination during educational experiences. We have involved a network of experts: pedagogists, anthropologists, psychotherapists, teachers, researchers, counselors to have different knowledge and points of view, each from their own specific field of research and application.         
The thematic paths of the Alfabeto per Crescere - result of the contributions of all the actors involved - with a positive and proactive approach suggest educational experiences and practices aimed at identifying the different forms of distress, overcoming inequalities and educating to the adoption of virtuous behaviors . For example, S come sguardi  which offers different interpretations to translate the boundless and complex world of sustainability into the language of children, focusing on the surprising results of observing the social and environmental context and understanding the impact produced by the individual actions of each.
Now, with Q come quaderno we have chosen to collect the best of the educational proposal built together, to make it even more effective and ready for use.                  
Confident of the originality and educational quality of Webecome, we have decided to collect the traces of the work carried out in recent years in a practical, light and comprehensive volume, designing it as a quick tool that teachers and parents can use in reading the emotional experiences of children. and little girls.

Our wish

Webecome as a network, involves the community, activates interaction, fosters collaboration and discussion, generating contexts and opportunities that enable people to do so.
This is why we hope that Q come quaderno can reach many parents and teachers and can multiply the use of the many contents always available. We work to ensure that the good practices tested with Webecome reach a greater number of children and schools. 
Enjoy the reading!

You can download Q come quaderno right now here, or log in or open your account in the platform, where you will also find the new S come sguardi is board and all the content of the Alfabeto per Crescere thematic tracks.

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