Welcome back to School with Webecome and Librì

The Campaign Welcome back to school with Webecome kicks off!
Children and teachers, together with the Contastorie, weave narratives able to reread and rework the situations experienced during the past lockdown and the continuing uncertainty imposed by the pandemic.

Last spring, the children had to interrupt school, they were forced to stay indoors without being able to see friends and not be able to play in a park. Unfortunately, the risk of having to stay home again is still high.

At home, they discovered new situations such as mum and dad's work at home, they enjoyed being together in the family, they were able to verify that with technology it is also possible to study. But they have also come into contact with new phenomena and symptoms such as the feeling of distrust of others, fears and concerns of parents and sometimes the disappearance of loved ones. New discoveries, desires, fears, emotions and experiences far from the usual world of routine and sociality, which in some cases have generated a real upheaval of their emotional complex. These are emotional states that must first be collected and then mitigated through a guided and facilitated rereading, first by the family and then by the school, the place dedicated to collective exchange.
In this rereading, what we can do to help children is, first of all, to provide the tools to elaborate their experiences and then to make them explicit. We must help them to express their internal experience by making them feel accepted and protected.

Webecome, always at the side of the educating community, proposes tools and suggests behaviors and actions to be taken during school time, in presence or online, which enhance children's creativity and ensure the recovery and maintenance of a serene emotional balance.
This is the Welcome back to school with Webecome campaign!

Even if you still couldn't hug or get too close, they were really good days. In the school yard we children had resumed our games. In class we sat on the desks to draw and write thoughts. All, however, following the rules of prudence! And the masters were still in front of us, but they were there for real and no longer on the screen.
Finally! Finally!

Taken from the book "Storie di quando eravamo lontani” by Maria Loretta Giraldo

Welcome back to school with Webecome is an educational path designed to encourage interaction and dialogue in the classroom. It aims to create a welcoming, safe, equal climate and context where children, guided by teachers, engage in the construction of stories to tell the emotions and sensations experienced during the lockdown. All the stories thus produced will be collected and published on the Webecome platform.

From the book to the writing workshop
The campaign is realized by sending about 3,000 teachers an educational kit that contains: the guide for teachers describing the project, a postcard for the families who will be so involved by the teachers in the project and the book Stories from when we were aw Storie di quando eravamo lontani to read in class.
The book tells of the arrival at school of a funny and mysterious character, the Contastorie who, with his stories, will help children to bring out the emotions they experienced during the lockdown and will help them cope with this situation of continuing uncertainty. The teachers will guide the reading of the stories and, with the support of an ad hoc guide, they will be able to start creative writing workshops in the classroom in order to give children the opportunity to rewrite the stories.

The Welcome back to school with Webecome campaign is carried out in collaboration with Librì - an editorial laboratory committed to activating educational campaigns to bring major issues to the school, from nutrition to environmental sustainability, to the protection of minors.
The book Storie di quando eravamo lontani was written specifically for this campaign by the well-known writer Maria Loretta Giraldo and illustrated by Ilaria Urbinati. The guide for teachers was created by Sabrina Rondinelli.

We are continuing to face an unprecedented and unexpected situation. Our children are resilient and able to process negative situations finding positive implications in them, but they need to be accompanied and supported by reference figures to face them without being overwhelmed.
Welcome back to school with Webecome offers teachers and parents useful tools and ideas to support children in the process of re-elaboration.
Writing has great therapeutic value, the narration helps bring out the inner world.
The stories written by children will make us understand their emotions and their reactions.  
What their world will be like tomorrow, and what their future will be like, is also the fruit of our responsibility today.                                                               

                                                                                                                                 november 2020

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