S for sguardi, the new path of WeBecome

S for sguardi is the new letter that joins The Alphabet to gtow of WeBecome.  The new thematic path introduces children to sustainability by bringing to their attention actions and behaviors within their reach.

WeBecome is enriched with a new path dedicated to sustainability intended as a responsibility towards the social, ecological and relational environment in which every person is called to live and work.                                                                                 
S for sguardi joins The Alphabet to grow and uses gaze education as a tool to understand the impact that each of our actions has on the ecosystem in which we are inserted. To do this, it is not enough to look, it is also necessary to see and grasp, actions that become possible only by refining the instruments of observation and educating the gaze.

Educating the gaze

Educating the gaze means cultivating a personal attitude to pay attention to little things. It means being aware of the impacts and repercussions of the thoughts and actions we choose to do in the environment around us and beyond. It means knowing how to grasp the value of our every action that does not only concern ourselves, but also others, because it reveals the value we give to our life and to the world around us: people, animals, plants and territory.                                                                                   
This is the first step to activate inclusive and respectful sensitivities and behaviors capable of releasing energy and inhabiting gestures that make change possible.     

Civic education as training in observation

S for sguardi is inserted as a support in the context of civic education for schools. In fact, it offers parents and teachers tools and interpretations to translate the boundless world of sustainability into the language of children, focusing on education in observing the social and environmental context and reading the impact produced by everyone’s actions.                   
It is a didactic proposal that reinforces the teaching of fundamental civic principles by bringing them bank to think over and to experiential activities that train children in the all-round observation of the world around them, making them understand that the conscious protection of nature and the environment is essential for the future of individuals and the planet.

The new thematic path

S for sguardi also provides videos, interviews and concrete and engaging educational factsheets, designed to facilitate the sharing of the concepts and values of sustainability with girls and boys.

The experts

Domenico Barrilà, Adlerian psychotherapist and analyst, Andrea Segrè, President of the FICO Foundation and Full Professor of International and Comparative Agricultural Policy at the University of Bologna, and Ezio Manzini Designer and Planner, three experts of the Webecome network, bring thoughtful gazes back into the educational dimension and in-depth analysis on the topic.


These are the four chisels suggested to parents and teachers to increase the sensitivity of the little ones towards sustainability:

- The look
"The sustainability of the educational relationship begins with the gaze" - says Domenico Barrilà. A sustainable look at ourselves, others and the world helps us to see more things, establish more connections and learn more.
- Time 
Time can become the real protagonist of our life
because, Ezio Manzini points out, “the slowness of time also has to do with quality, which requires weaving many threads together”.
- The action
Our choices, even if small, can be a decisive contribution to preserve the beauty and goodness of our life. Therefore, it is important to evaluate how much our actions weigh and what impact they have on the ecosystem we share with others. Caring is the dimension "in which we can find the path that leads us towards a sustainable world and a more equitable world".
- The relationship
We can generate sustainability in all the experiences of our life. Collaborating means recognizing ourselves as actors in a new action towards the other for the good of our community. Andrea Segrè says that we must consider "the importance of the physical relationship and prepare ourselves for a new presence"

The actions

The entire path is developed around 6 key actions:

1 - Looks that give life, to cultivate the personal attitude to pay attention to small things or to those that we consider obvious and uninteresting, but which can actually overturn our vision of the world.
2 - What do I care about the world, to stimulate awareness of the multiplicative effects of our actions: every mistake must be multiplied by the number of inhabitants of the Planet.
3 - How many lives do I give to objects, to create awareness of the value of objects that does not end with its primary function but can be transformed with a creative act that gives it new life.
4 - How big is my world, to educate us to observe the impacts of our actions and how they affect the closest and even distant environment.
5 - What I eat, produced, to make people understand how our food is produced, distributed and consumed. The choice of a food shapes who we are, a habit becomes a lifestyle and consumption style.
6 - I pollute less, to give value to the small everyday gestures that before generating savings are acts of respect and help the world to last longer.

All the proposed contents can be discussed in class or in the family, also with the contribution of other reference adults who carry out professions close to the field of the topics covered. In this way, children will be able to compare themselves with others and reflect on the highly interconnected nature of each action compared to the others.

S for sguardi - in full harmony with our vision - offers the educating community learning ideas to train future citizens. Register, access the online platform and consult the contents of the path S for sguardi. Differentiated access allows primary school teachers, school managers and parents to enjoy the contents in a way that is consistent with everyone’s role.

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