Webecome – education for children

An educational offering with a platform of content designed to support teachers and parents in preventing and combatting social unease and to help develop children’s cross-cutting skills.

“With Webecome, Intesa Sanpaolo is helping to prevent and combat the serious problems that undermine the ongoing development of children from their early years at school. Early formative steps are fundamental for subsequent education to continue in a positive way. For these reasons, it’s vital that these early steps go smoothly. The bank’s experience has enabled us to build—with the help of the qualified experts we employed—a multidisciplinary educational tool that we hope will be of use to teachers and parents."


Gian Maria Gros-Pietro - Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo

Webecome represents Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment to preventing and combatting social unease in primary schools.

This project is aimed at more than 2.5 million children attending primary schools in Italy, their parents and more than 240,000 teachers.

Webecome currently offers:

  • - 8 courses dealing with disadvantages and new generations, bullying, cyber-bullying, diversity, dependency, nutrition, digital citizenship education, transferable skills etc.
  • - 150+  video interviews with experts, educational videos for teachers, and in-depth videos for teachers and parents
  • - 1300+  hours’ worth of online training for teachers, parents and school principal
  • - 500+   sheets for teachers, parents and school principals recommending educational strategies and activities for them to try
  • - 24  learning experiences described by teachers and school principals who have successfully trialled Webecome in their classes.


To learn more, explore the platform or send an email to info@webecome.it