Webecome – Education for children

An educational offering with a platform of content designed to support teachers and parents in preventing and combatting social unease and to help develop children’s cross-cutting skills. An online free platform to support the educational community.

“With Webecome, Intesa Sanpaolo is helping to prevent and combat the serious problems that undermine the ongoing development of children from their early years at school. Early formative steps are fundamental for subsequent education to continue in a positive way. For these reasons, it’s vital that these early steps go smoothly. The bank’s experience has enabled us to build—with the help of the qualified experts we employed—a multidisciplinary educational tool that we hope will be of use to teachers and parents."


Gian Maria Gros-Pietro - Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo

Webecome, a project born out of dialogue and discussion with the entire education community

Addictions, marginalization, diversity, bullying and cyberbullying, sustainability,
but also food and nutrition, emotional intelligence, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking are issues that must be addressed with children. The school is the place where the first recognition of frailties takes place and it is also the first line of intervention.
Webecome thinks of the little ones, when boys and girls are more fragile and delicate, when they are taking decisive steps towards their path of growth and training as people, when they need all the attention of us adults.
With Webecome we have sought constant dialogue and confrontation with the entire educational community: teachers and managers, families and parents, experts who from different points of view and experiences contribute to the search for new educational tools that respond to the current challenges of education. Listening to all of them, we designed the didactic proposal.

The training proposal

The 9 thematic paths of Webecome, collected in the Alfabeto per Crescere, offer specific contents and tools that are always synergistic and consistent in their values ​​and messages. Each path deepens a different theme with the aim of not denouncing or stigmatizing incorrect behavior but spreading knowledge and awareness of the various forms of hardship and promoting those positive and constructive relationships that preserve the well-being of individuals and the class group.
The over 60 experts, coming from different experiences and areas of research and application of the human, social, medical and pedagogical sciences, guarantee plurality to allow the different actors of the educating community to mature a more aware and in-depth vision on the different issues of hardship, for prevent it, recognize it when it occurs and have authoritative advice on how to intervene.
Webecome enhances the guiding and reference role in the classroom and in the educational path at school and suggests how to design and offer engaging experiences to the class that use narrative as a device to convey values ​​and messages that encourage the construction of positive relationships between girls and boys and reference adults.

Q come Quaderno, an agile tool for teachers and parents

We recently chose to collect the best of Webecome's educational proposal in a digital notebook that can be downloaded and shared to make it even more effective and ready to use. This is how "Q come Quaderno" was born, a practical, light and comprehensive volume designed as an agile tool that teachers and parents can use to read the emotional experiences of children.
You can download Q come Quaderno here
Or log in to the platform, where you will find all the content

Our commitment

This is the way we want to support our country's social and cultural growth, starting from the children who are a responsibility of all of us and are our most precious present and the future we want to take care of, giving concrete help. and of value to those who accompany them every day in their growth.

Intesa Sanpaolo for education

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