Youngers and innovation: levers of the future

A country has a future if its young people can see the prospect and commit themselves to building it. We want to help trace visions and perspectives by building opportunities that make the commitment of young people concrete and viable.

Employment, growth and innovation are strongly linked to the creation of new businesses

One of the main emergencies of the South is the escape of young people. In the last fifteen years, over 600 thousand young people and 240 thousand graduates have left the South: a flight of skills and energies that our country cannot afford. We need new opportunities for employment, growth and innovation of the production system to keep young people in their territories of origin.

We are confident that employment, growth and innovation are strongly linked to the birth of new businesses. For this reason, we believe it is essential to give shape to new relationships and new contexts that bring universities, research centers and business incubators into contact, in short, to contribute to creating the entire ecosystem that by doing research generates innovation and future ideas.

The creation of the Innovation Hub at the Polytechnic of Bari announced last October by the CEO Carlo Messina during the presentation of the agreement with Matipay, the startup of Mola di Puglia, fits into this framework.

"In Bari we want to develop an innovation hub to work on important sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, the food supply chain ... creating an environment where young people and startups can also come ... ".
Carlo Messina – CEO Intesa Sanpaolo


"It will be a facilitator of actions with the world of production, the link between production companies and our students, to transform innovation into a value ..." 
Francesco Cupertino - Rettore Politecnico di Bari

The Innovation Hub will be an agorà in which students, teachers, researchers, universities, startuppers, entrepreneurs, public decision makers and banks will collaborate to develop concrete and sustainable innovative business ideas and models.
It will be an incubator that will put together skills, ideas and projects to encourage the development of innovation ecosystems and to support the strategic challenges of those who bring into play personal skills and those of their organizations to create innovative projects.
It will be a laboratory that will be able to use the cooperation between academic research, the bank's network and people to search for tools and methodologies capable of evaluating new assets, new models and new companies in terms of competitiveness, socio-environmental impact, financial sustainability and ability to grow on national and international markets.
It will be supported on 5 pillars: matching, scouting (the search for young talents in the university), finance in support of innovation, internationalization and training.

The choice of Bari and its Polytechnic is not accidental: in recent years Puglia has been able to bet on the future and the PoliBA is a very active university in the field of innovation. We wanted to be at the side of those who look forward with confidence and build the future, hoping that new companies will be an example and an engine of growth also for nearby businesses and territories.

"... for 2020 we are preparing an Open Innovation project that will involve the main companies in the fashion and design sectors of the South. As soon as possible, workshops, events and projects related to the Business Plan 4.0 and the principles of the circular economy will be held at the Innovation Hub in Bari ... "


Giuseppe Nargi - Regional Director of Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Puglia

A similar Innovation Hub was born in 2017 at the San Giovanni a Teduccio campus in agreement with the Federico II University of Naples. Even here over the years, the technology transfer has materialized through thematic events and workshops on Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy organized with the involvement of the Innovation Center, the Regional Management and teachers of the Neapolitan University.

We believe that growth and sustainable development are greatly accelerated by the inclusion of young people in the world of work. We hope to see more and more new businesses led with courage and competence by young entrepreneurs.
These are the levers of the future that we want to set in motion in our country, so that sustainable and inclusive growth becomes a distinctive reality. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            may 2020

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