StudENT for Africa: young people&cooperation

We invest in young people, in their skills and in their ability to see beyond borders, including geographical borders, recognising these qualities as the tool to spread entrepreneurial culture, intercultural dialogue and cooperation.   

We believe, like the University of Bologna, in the integration between the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development of the territories. We believe that it guarantees quality, sustainability and effectiveness of interventions. StudENT for Africa was born in this framework.

StudENT for Africa is a project aimed at intercepting undergraduates, graduates, African alumni, researchers from the University of Bologna and research projects, which can have an impact in African countries.
It is a program of entrepreneurial involvement designed to support the implementation of innovative projects capable of creating economic and social development in Africa and to prepare a favorable context for the return to the territories of origin of students from the vast African community present in the Alma Mater Studiorum.
It develops along three lines: integration and inclusion among students, the development of research and innovation, and youth entrepreneurship, a mix capable of generating business opportunities in the international arena.

Ideas alone go nowhere.

Skills, alone, do not create successful businesses.

To materialize, the vision of an individual must be transformed into the mission of a team. 

Starting from these assumptions, StudENT for Africa puts young people at the center of the project, creating a context of opportunities around them, that can stimulate and make them protagonists in the production and transfer of knowledge, in a global perspective and towards international working contexts. 
Participants organize themselves in mixed teams of researchers, graduates and students of the University. The teaching aims to create an entrepreneurial mind set in the teams and to develop the skills to work in business creation, starting from the preparation of credible and effective business plans.
Each year the University selects the best business ideas - in terms of sustainability and socio-economic impact - through a Call for Ideas and for Competence structured in two selection rounds.

On 5 February the first Call for Ideas was concluded during which 8 projects were selected, designed to develop in Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana, Gambia, Mali and eSwatini the agro-food, textile, cosmetics, building and construction, sustainable energy, cultural and creative industries, circular economy and waste management.
Among them, the second round will select the 3 best projects that will be presented on 23 May 2020 during Startp Day, one of the most important events for the development of youth entrepreneurship.
The teams that created the 8 selected projects will enter the Entrepreneurship Ignition Program that will prepare them for market access. During the Entrepreneurial Ignition Program, our experts intervene with speeches and testimonies, offering students expertise and best practices on entrepreneurial culture and food for thought on the skills, knowledge and tools needed to achieve sustainable economic success with a positive social impact.

StudENT for Africa summarizes our commitment to the new generations: support and background to ensure their inclusion in studies, development of entrepreneurial skills and employability.

                                                                                                                           february, 2020