Welcomes IULM students in Area X

On 18th December we hosted in Turin students enrolled in the Master's Degree in Marketing, Consumption and Communication of IULM - Free University of Languages and Communication

The company visit is part of the active collaboration between the Bank and the University and precedes the fieldwork* provided for in the Master's Degree educational plan in which Intesa Sanpaolo will participate.

The students were given a general overview of the Bank's many activities, as well as several ideas on how to communicate new business.                                               

The company visit was held in Turin, starting in Area X, the recently opened insurance space, and ending at the Officine Grandi Riparazioni, a majestic industrial complex of the late 19th century.

Area X is a space open to the public dedicated to the culture of insurance and protection made engaging by virtual reality. The visitor, through interactive experiences of exploration, driving, housing simulations and narrations, have the opportunity to explore the world of protection in an original way.

The OGR, restructured and designed as a symbol of contemporary culture, innovation and business acceleration, host 4 different worlds of tech to stimulate the development of new economy in the metropolitan city and in the country and to encourage networking between universities and businesses, young people and investors.

Among the protagonists of OGR is Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

                                                                                                                                 january 2020

* The fieldwork is a workshop in which students, guided by university and company lecturers and tutors, will work as a team for about ten weeks on a project of corporate interest. By developing the project students will have the opportunity to experience the concepts learned in the "field", while the company will have the opportunity to get in touch with young talents.