Federician students plan technological innovation for the Bank of the future

The final moment of the Fintech project work, the challenge created by Intesa Sanpaolo and the Università di Napoli - Federico II, was held in the marvelous setting of the Gallerie d’Italia di Napoli .

Fintech project work: the final moment of the challenge

The meeting on 4 July was the last step of the Fintech project work, the challenge proposed by Intesa Sanpaolo and the Università di Napoli - Federico II.The students presented the project works developed to the representatives of the Bank and of the Neapolitan University.
An important opportunity for students to approach the world of work and to demonstrate their organisational, decision-making, relational, analytical and operational skills.
An important opportunity for the Bank and the University to confront the initiative, dynamism and creativity of the students. All in the unique and wonderful setting of our museum headquarters of the Gallerie d'Italia in Naples.

What is project work: learning by doing

Project Work is a methodology that allows you to create a large number of opportunities to experience the dynamics of interaction existing in real contexts.
The intent to achieve the objectives of the project work triggers a strong process of responsibility in the students, a growing autonomy in the learning process as well as a marked ability to deal with the real world and with other cognitive styles.            
When developed in a group - given the need to communicate, to listen, to accept, to change your mind - the project work also becomes a training opportunity that values diversity and comparison.

The Fintech project work

The Fintech project work involved seven students from the Departments of Economics and Statistics (DISES) and Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (DIETI) of the Neapolitan university who respectively coordinate research and training activities in the areas: economics theoretical and applied, finance and statistical and quantitative disciplines; infrastructures for energy, IT and telecommunications networks for the Public Administration and businesses.

Between May and June, the students divided into teams tried their hand at developing 3 projects proposed by the Technology Area of Intesa Sanpaolo.                 
The students were accompanied by company experts and academic representatives who supported and supervised the teaching planning and delivery activities. These are the projects developed:

1.      Metaverse solution for a branch – the Metaverse is a platform that will enable the transition to new forms of banking by using the combination of advanced technologies (such as Web3, its underlying Blockchain and generative artificial intelligence) to offer customers banking experiences always available, fluid, immersive and able to guarantee security and interoperability

2.     Integration of voice assistants in incident management processes - customized integration of market voice interfaces (such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri) with the ServiceNow cloud computing platform to speed up the search for timely and aggregate information relating to incidents, making the operation also usable by non-specialist users, through the automatic understanding of their requests formulated in natural language

3.      Static and predictive analysis of business processes - design of applications that will allow information relating to business processes to be uploaded via specific front ends, with the aim of carrying out impact analyzes that are quick and easily available even to those who do not have in-depth knowledge of the underlying software systems.

This first edition of the Fintech project work had positive effects on the motivation and on the research, production and proposal skills of the students involved. The students had the opportunity to approach their professional future by acquiring new project management and digital strategy skills, particularly required by the current world of work.

Our commitment: innovation, new jobs and growth of local economies

The initiative is part of the panel of actions envisaged by the Bank's Business Plan designed to continue to generate value for all stakeholders by developing the bank of the future which will be characterized by services of the highest quality and the possibility of reaching it and operating at any time and in any place thanks to a strong digital drive and the value contribution of the human factor.
Isybank, the new digital bank of the Group, in fact focuses on technological innovation as an enabler to enhance the relationship with customers, also thanks to virtual interpersonal relationships.
In order to continue developing this ambitious project, the dissemination of tech skills within the Group, the strengthening and creation of competence centers for cutting-edge IT solutions and the recruitment and training of IT professionals are essential. digital and cybersecurity. With respect to the last point, the recruitment of over 1800 profiles in the tech field has already begun, with different levels of seniority and in scientific and IT disciplinary fields (IT engineers, IT scientists, mathematicians, physicists, statisticians, etc.). Among the profiles sought are: Application Manitnance, Data Technology Ownership, Functional Analysis, IT Application Architecture, IT Governance (PMO) - Scrum Advisory, Program & Project Management, SW Engineering, Test Management.

The Bank and the University for the development of innovation

The Bank and the Neapolitan University will continue their collaboration with the aim of implementing synergies between the academic world and the world of work and creating favorable conditions for sustainable and inclusive economic development, through opportunities for young people to meet and grow and promoting the innovation for the whole community.