Fruttero & Lucentini, basta il nome.

The auditorium of the skyscraper once again echoes the most representative texts of the literary panorama of our country, interpreted by Italian artists; a series of events in which culture and literature join forces to turn the skyscraper of Turin into a hub of dialogue and confrontation, open to the city with its evocative and innovative spaces.

After the trilogy dedicated to Natalia Ginzburg in 2016 and to Primo Levi in 2017, a new series of readings featuring Fruttero & Lucentini and specially created by Intesa Sanpaolo.
The combination Fruttero & Lucentini, often abbreviated in F&L, indicates the artistic association of two “literary artisans” from Turin, two partners, two accomplices in great writing. For over forty years the F&L workshop has achieved a more unique than rare goal, that the most ambitious and complex novels of their time were also the most memorable, enjoyable and entertaining.

Three performers of our theatre – Giuseppe Cederna, Gabriele Lavia and Licia Maglietta – will read some pages by Fruttero & Lucentini, chosen and commented by Domenico Scarpa.

Wednesday 21rst March, 9:00 pm
Giuseppe Cederna reads Fruttero & Lucentini: La prevalenza del cretino (The supremacy of the stupid)
Introduced by Domenico Scarpa
An expression that has now entered into everyday language to represent a phenomenon that disrupts our culture, politics and contemporary anthropology.

Wednesday 28th March, 9:00 pm
Gabriele Lavia reads Fruttero & Lucentini: I ferri del mestiere (The tools of the trade)
Introduced by Domenico Scarpa
The story of half a century of activity, lived pen-to-pen, to engage with mastery in the most diverse literary genres.

Wednesday 4th April, 9:00 pm
Licia Maglietta reads Fruttero & Lucentini: La donna della domenica (The Sunday Woman)
Introduced by Domenico Scarpa
A fictional Turin, an Italian police novel, a work that inaugurates a story of great successes.

Admission is free until all seats are taken but advanced reservation is required and available on this website – Events & News section – according to the following weekly schedule:
  -  From Wednesday 14th March reservations for the event of March 21 only
  -  From Thursday 22nd March reservations for the event of March 28 only
  -  From Thursday 29th March reservations for the event of April 4th