SIR Safety Perugia and the values of volleyball

In the international sports stage, few things can match the enthusiasm that surrounds a volleyball match. And Italy — which has always been the cradle and driving force of this
magnificent sport — is at the top of the world elite. On the one hand the national teams and on the other, the men's and women's championships: in our country the tradition at the net is among the richest of all. And the recent and past great successes of the Italian teams have their roots in two national tournaments of enormous quality.

“The volleyball academy”: this is the reputation that surrounds the Superlega, the elite Italian men's championship. For decades it has attracted the best players on the planet within our borders, eager to face the most difficult tournament ever. An aura of greatness that has recently transformed the games into real parties, thanks to the setting offered by the crowded arenas, and to a show suitable for all ages. From the most lively and vivid cheering, a distinct sign of a deep bond with the local community, to the families who for
the first time have decided to sit in the stands: every Sunday, Italian volleyball celebrates a party.

Within this context, made of great technical excellence and collective enthusiasm fits the rise of Sir Safety Perugia. In the first twenty years of the 2000s, the team was able to
complete the climb from the minor leagues and hoist itself at the top of the most important movement in the world.

From the minor leagues to the national titles: the Umbrian fairytale

Step by step, the club of President Gino Sirci — a visionary man and true soul of the project — was able to earn its access to the top league in 2012, winning the first championship in its history only 6 years later. A triumphal march, conducted in a country with a grandsporting tradition and where it isn't effortless at all to establish yourself at the highest level.

But the parable of Sir Safety Perugia is truly one of a kind. And the investments, ideas, and passion of its management have been able to accompany the constant growth of the club,
conducting it from the date of its foundation, in 2001, up to the historic hat-trick of 2017. A journey that lasted only 16 years, but which is bound to last over time. An unprecedented
blast in the history of our sport, which has already brought numerous national trophies to Umbria. The Scudetto won in 2018 as the icing on the cake, at the end of the dream-like
season in which Perugia also won the Supercoppa and the Coppa Italia.

Yet, in addition to the numerous Italian and international champions who have dressed, and still wear, its jersey; in addition to the successes on the court; and in addition to the
recognizability on the European stage, the extraordinary relationship that the team has been able to establish with its fan base in a very short time stands out clearly. An emotional,
sincere, and engaging enthusiasm that turns every home game into an all-around celebration of sport. And precisely these values of belonging, programming, love for the territory and authenticity, are pushing Intesa Sanpaolo to support the rise of the team, working alongside the club, and promoting the values of volleyball together.