Young people and work in high finance

Intesa Sanpaolo supports the Master in Finance Insurance and Risk management of the Carlo Alberto College of Turin because the path of the future of young people passes through quality training that provides the skills they need to have access to the world of work.

Young people and work in high finance, Intesa Sanpaolo in support of MaFIRM students

We are committed to supporting young people with the aim of guaranteeing them adequate training and access to the world of work. For us, the right to education has a significant value for the reduction of social inequalities and the enhancement of talents. We believe that collaboration between companies and academia is necessary to build sustainable educational models, focused on inclusion, designed to help fulfill vocations and to provide organizations with prepared people.
Hence the multiple collaborations activated with Italian universities, which fall within the purposes set by the 2018-2021 Business Plan and give substance to our commitment in terms of social and cultural responsibility for young people. 
These include the collaboration to the II Level Master in Finance Insurance and Risk Management (MaFIRm) activated by the Collegio Carlo Alberto of Turin.

The Master
The Master, started in September 2019 with a class composed of 15 students, including 13 Italians and 2 foreigners, has carried out an educational program aimed at providing qualified specialist professional skills, suitable for undertaking high-profile careers in the financial sector. Among the topics developed, we highlight quantitative finance and econometrics in the asset management of banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, consultancy firms and large companies.
The Master prefigures an exit profile oriented to important roles in institutions such as central banks, regulators, sovereign wealth funds and government organizations, as well as access to doctoral programs in finance.

The partnership with the Collegio Carlo Alberto
The Collegio Carlo Alberto - foundation created by a common vision of the Compagnia di San Paolo and the University of Turin - promotes research and higher education in the social sciences.
The partnership is active at several levels. We have contributed to the establishment of 5 scholarships for as many deserving students and we have achieved an intense and fruitful interaction with the faculty of the Master. In fact, many of our colleagues' interventions shared corporate knowledge and expertise with students, especially in the areas of Finance Track and Professional courses. All of our testimonials held in the IT for Financial Institutions, Operational Risk Management, Banking, Law, and Regulation II, Hedge Funds and Alternative Assets modules were appreciated.
Furthermore, we enriched the teaching experience with a visit to the Area X experiential space, in via San Francesco d'Assisi in Turin, where the young students were able to meet with our experts on the issue of protection and learn more about the Group's Insurance reality. Intesa Sanpaolo.
The master ended on June 23 with a digital celebratory event attended by the families of the students. By videoconference, the board of the Master has retraced the main points of the study path and delivered the diplomas.

We are increasingly convinced that the future of young people and work passes through training. The Intesa Sanpaolo - Collegio Carlo Alberto partnership has multiple values: it is strongly oriented towards supporting projects that produce inclusion, training and employment by preparing aware and competent young citizens; aims to promote the cultural and social growth of the reference territories; it helps to strengthen the positioning of academic excellence at national and international level.

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