Z Lab promotes the orientation of students

Z Lab is Intesa Sanpaolo’s strategic answer to offset students dropping out of school early and educational failure and to contrast youth discomfort promoting orientation, employability, social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.

Z Lab is the path to transversal skills and orientation dedicated to adolescents attending secondary schools.

For Intesa Sanpaolo guiding guys across scholastic and professional orientation is an inescapable commitment. Since 2016 our Bank has understood the role of strategic and central orientation in the struggle against dropping out of school and educational failure. We are aware that this issues negatively affects the school system and the students’ personal stories speaking in terms of education, working and socially. In Italy there is still a lot to do to make the scholastic orientation more effective.

More than half of the high school students graduated in the school year 2018-19 (44,7%) is convinced to have attended the wrong school. One out of three (32,6%) with the possibility of going back in time, would chose a different study direction; while the 12,1% would follow the same course of studies but in a different school to study other subjects or to better prepare itself for the working life. The 65% chooses on the advice of the parents, while the 42% gives importance to the teachers’ guidance judgements.

Alma Diploma - January 2020

Generation Z students will find themselves to compete in a workplace that will require professional profiles mainly related to information technology, but even able to put in place the so called soft skills: from team working, to public speaking and problem solving. Reliable sources already outline the features of job profiles requested in the near future.

By 2022 the 42% of the fundamental skills necessary to carry out existent jobs will change and 133 millions of workplaces in the major economies will be created to meet the needs of of Digital transformation. To the professionals of the future – Z Generation young people – in addiction to the hightech skills, specialized interpersonal skills will be requested.

World Economic Forum – January 2020

For all these reasons, the Bank has decided to be active part in the orientation integrated system besides the families, local institutions, schools and universities.

Z Lab program is highly set on orientation and development of soft skills necessary to the enter university or employment.

In the 3-year period Z Lab aims to enhance young people’s potential to become protagonists in their own choices. Z Lab experiential teaching format offers concrete experimentations with ideas based on curiosity, creativity and uniqueness through which the young people put in place their wealth of knowledge, well established familiarity with digital world and practice on interpersonal skills. It’s a path that leaves room to personal search and experimentation and allows the students to have skin in the game and to make mistakes to learn. This skills mix has unique features for each student and will make the difference in the future.

According to different studies, making the difference is a very widespread ambition in the young generations, to put it in practice they need to adopt entrepreneurial mindset and be able to improve continuously.

Z Lab trains them to do it!

                                                                                                                                February 2020

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