Z Lab goes digital!

Z Lab restarts and goes digital. Intesa Sanpaolo's path for transversal skills and orientation (PCTO) becomes digital to continue to support young people in the exploration of their talent and in approaching the world of work.

Finally we start again with the new Z Lab paths

The Z Lab paths restart in digital mode. Over 130 weeks of training are planned, for a total of about 4.000 hours. 25 tutors and business experts will be involved, over 70 schools of which 29 technical institutes and 44 high schools with over 1500 students, distributed in 22 Italian provinces from North to South, including the islands.

In recent months, Z Lab has stopped due to the health emergency and many students have not been able to complete or finish the course, but we have not stood still.
Guided by the desire to bring young people back into our ecosystem and stimulated by the firm will to resume dialogue with the world of school, we have worked to prepare for the restart in compliance with safety protocols.         
At first, by carefully observing the context of the school world, we have grasped that distance learning (DaD), if used beyond the dimension of the emergency, constitutes an important element for the provision of the contents provided by the programs and is an opportunity for school and for the social system as a whole.
With this first driver, we have undertaken the redesign of the entire training course and of the individual educational activities in a digital key.
Other drivers then guided the re-elaboration of teaching: keeping effectiveness intact, ensuring relapse in terms of skills, holding firm the typical objectives of the path, that is, helping young people to distinguish priorities in facing societal challenges and providing keys to understanding to facilitate their growth and future entry into the labor market.                                                             

The new digital format Z Lab

The new digital format does not intend to replace the physical experience of classroom teaching but, while maintaining all its specific features, it represents a different learning method capable of guaranteeing easy, immediate and experiential interaction.
In the new format, the live learning lesson includes several interactive moments in which the understanding of concepts is built, their elaboration and their grounding, such as individual or subgroup laboratory activities that favor the work experience in team, the presentations in plenary that train public speaking and the various sharing and feedback activities that allow you to modulate and strengthen learning.

In each digital classroom there will be 3 expert Tutors who, always in live mode, will be able to integrate and enrich the teaching experience. A control room will guarantee the continuity of the functionality of the platform adopted and will support the tutors in the technical management of the classrooms.
The digital path will also ensure the use of the entire number of hours provided for by the legislation: 90 hours for high schools and 120 for technical institutes.

We believe that training must be increasingly integrated with the world of work to concretely contribute to the development of the identity of students and citizens of the future. We are convinced that the training process of young people must give them the right awareness to orient themselves in the world of work by developing and enhancing individual inclinations.
With Z Lab we have always wanted to give substance to our intentions. In fact, so far Z Lab has been able to integrate training and work by creating experiential laboratories and learning places where over 2500 young people have already experienced the concreteness of the path.The new format, being a real live learning method, will continue to be the ideal place to gain direct and applied experience, in which disciplines and skills are integrated, mutually reinforcing.
One of our goals is for the teens to perceive it in this way to come out truly enriched by the Z Lab experience.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      october 2020


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