For the growth of tomorrow’s citizens

We support a lot of projects dedicated to the young ones and promote inclusion/integration actions according to a logic that goes beyond the Corporate Social Responsibility: Webecome and Campioni di Vita are two examples.

With the Alphabet of development, Webecome educational path, we consider children and teenagers active actors inside a journey of growth dedicated to the development of cognitive, affective, emotional, relational and creative skills in the broadest sense of the word.

The set of this dimension, that we could define essential skills, in all the areas of life, allows the young ones to draw their future, to imagine themselves adult and to choose the professional career they are interested in.

Having reference models is important to answer these questions, to think and built their future and to leave their mark in a more and more complex world.
The role modeling is a method to help children to imagine themselves grown-up.

The project Campioni di vita is an initiative by which testimonials bring to the stage their story made of successes and difficulties, narrate their experiences, show the guys how to reach personal self-realization and that realizing their dreams is possible if you follow with dedication your passions.

Sport has a great educational value, is an instrument of human growth and a school of life: it teachs to work hard to reach a goal, gets used to socialization and respect of rules, generates trust and passion.

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