Master in Global health

The second edition of the Master in Global health organized by the Multidisciplinary Research Center in Health Sciences of the University of Milan with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo is starting.          

Enrollment for the Master in Global health (MGH) is open.                                                     
It is an online second level master, created by the Multidisciplinary Research Center in Health Sciences (MACH) of the University of Milan in close collaboration with Italian and international experts and academics and with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo.

MACH is an international benchmark and leading center for health research for infectious diseases

Who is it aimed at?

The Master is aimed at graduates who intend to acquire specialized skills to understand and analyze health problems with a focus on the economic and social determinants of disease or health and to identify innovative solutions resulting from multidisciplinary experiences and approaches.


The Master enables participants to expand their wealth of knowledge in the agro-environmental, sociological, economic, legal and managerial fields by exploring all the factors that act on human health and determine it as a whole
In addition, the point of view of many professionals will be the distinctive element to better understand and learn disciplines and techniques to deal with them and to improve the psycho-physical and socio-economic health of citizens.

The didactic structure

The online master is delivered in English and alternates theoretical lessons with interactive sessions for a total of 528 hours to which 250 hours of internship are added. It offers 18 units that include pre-recorded lectures, live webinars, exercises and internships.

Study subjects

The contents concern different macro-areas:

-  global health

-  epidemiology

-  statistics

-  surveillance and monitoring

-  research

-  sustainable Development

-  microbiology

-  communicable / non-communicable diseases

-  development cooperation

-  digital health

-  human-animal ecosystems interface

-  agronomy

-  economy

-  international cooperation

-  social Sciences

- communication.

Why choose the Master in Global health?

Attending an international master's degree carried out by institutions, academics and researchers of proven fame and experience can be the strength of those who want to enter the health sector.                                                                                                
The skills and contents developed by the Master lead to professional outlets among all those areas where innovation can generate the development of new models of diagnosis, containment and treatment.

Employment opportunities

Job opportunities include:

-  local and national public sector

-  non-governmental sector

-  public-private partnerships with an international funding role,

-  private sector and industry related to health.

Why does Intesa Sanpaolo support the master?

The pandemic has taught us that no one is safe until everyone is safe.
also that the health of each of us is closely linked to that of others, as well as that of animals and that of the planet on which we live. The way forward is indicated in the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
This is why it is necessary to act and prepare for new possible health emergencies and pandemics, collaborating at all latitudes. This is possible by supporting academic institutions in the implementation of initiatives designed to train specialists with different approaches to propose innovative solutions in all sectors concerning health.

Being promoters of synergies and collaborations in this area means giving impetus to current and future healthcare.

Enroll for the Master in Global health: call and deadlines

Consult the call to find out the dates and the contents of the test and all the information on how to register.

Application for admission: from 28/04/2021 to 28/06/2021
Application for enrollment: from 12/07/2021 to 19/07/2021


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