ESG and Sustainable Finance: Intesa Sanpaolo and University Siena collaboration

The "ESG and Sustainable Finance" course, the first step of the collaboration with the Università di Siena.

The agreement has been already signed between Intesa Sanpaolo and the Università di Siena.               
The collaboration will strengthen the integration of innovation processes between the study and work paths of young students so to create new employment opportunities for university students. With the recently formalized agreement, the Bank and the Sienese University intend to enhance each other's development strategies by responding to the demand for new professional skills that the world of work requires, activating initiatives and projects aimed at increasing employability and youth entrepreneurship.

The first step of Intesa Sanpaolo and Università of Siena collaboration

The "ESG and Sustainable Finance" course

The collaboration began with the support for the implementation of the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance and Sustainable Finance) course organized by the Department of Political Economy and Statistics as part of the Master's Degree course in Economics for the Environment and Sustainability (EAS).                    
The course aims to explore and analyze the environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions and impacts that have become fundamental for measuring the sustainability of an investment in a company.                                                                   
As is well known, finance is deeply affected by the environmental, social and governance impacts induced by financial flows and sustainable investments that have become strategic for the profitability and financial sustainability of companies. This has made investment processes in companies evolve with the implementation of specific measures that aim to increase investment in sustainable projects and the promotion of environmental, social and governance criteria in risk management.
Students will have the opportunity to know the drivers and methodologies applied to translate social values into economic-financial operations, as well as the tools used to analyze and measure the financial risks and social impacts of investments.

The webinar cycle "Economy for the environment and sustainability"

The faculty is entrusted to Intesa Sanpaolo managers who will bring their professionalism and corporate expertise. In the 4 online modules provided, the different teachers will offer courses ranging from the skills and competences of the future to the drivers necessary to invest, generating positive impacts from a social and environmental point of view and to the methodologies for evaluating, measuring and reporting the impacts generated. These are the expected webinars:

  • The global drivers of change and the challenges we face in building our future. The skills and abilities you need to tackle the journey. Speech on the skills of the future - by Nicoletta Bernasconi, Head of University and School Relations
  • - ESG and Sustainable Finance: strategies and lines of action - by Damiano Carrara, Head of ESG & Sustainability Scenario Analysis & Culture Diffusion
  • The Sustainability Loan, a tool to support sustainable investments by small and medium-sized enterprises based on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria in line with the European Commission's Plan for sustainable growth - by Andrea Bartolini, Head of Sales Companies of the Regional Directorate of Tuscany and Umbria, Banca dei Territori Division; Angelo Pellegrino, Operations Coordinator (COA) MLT / Leasing and Factoring Specialists Center, Banca dei Territori Division
  • Strategy and innovation in the circular economy: new values and sustainability needs at a social, market and financial level. The global drivers of change and the challenges we face to build our future - by Luigi Riccardo, Circular Economy Lab Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

Participants will have access to the selection for 2 internships that will be activated at the Intesa Sanpaolo facilities in areas consistent with the course.

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