Intesa Sanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair to Prof. Paolo Vineis

Prof. Paolo Vineis is the first holder of the Intesa Sanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair in Global Governance.

In the second semester of the academic year 2021-22, Prof. Paolo Vineis will hold the "Intesa SanpaoloVisitingProfessor Chair in GlobalGovernance", offering teaching in the area of "Globalization and health; scientific, ethical and political challenges".
The chair - born from the collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata - is established within the Bachelor of Arts in Global Governance.

Global Governance: the degree course at Roma Tor Vergata

Aims and approach of the course

The course is aimed at preparing professionals capable of facing global challenges that require legal and economic skills as well as a wide range of knowledge to manage cultural mediations. Highly interdisciplinary, it proposes a didactic structure based on the idea of bringing together humanistic and scientific disciplines present at the University of Tor Vergata: Economics, Law, Humanities, Medicine, Engineering and Science.
The innovative and synergic didactic approach among the different courses, combined with the expertise of teachers and scholars from various international backgrounds, gives the course excellence and distinctiveness. The course - taught entirely in English - at the end of the second year offers the possibility to study one of the three specializations: Economics and Philosophy, Political Science, Law and History and Science and Technology.
The course is completed by Erasmus and internships in Italian and international institutions, organizations or companies.
The coordinator is Prof. Gustavo Piga, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, an economist expert on public procurement, fiscal policies, monetary policy, anti-corruption and the European Union.

What is the “Intesa Sanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair”?

The Chair, established with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo, aims at deepening the knowledge of Global Governance in order to stimulate vision and awareness, necessary to be ready to face global challenges.
The Chair envisages the appointment of Visiting Professors to teach for defined cycles of lessons, thus facilitating the exchange of ideas, experiences and points of view, as well as networking between different universities.
The Visiting Professor is a highly qualified professor, scholar or researcher working at other universities, including international ones, who is called upon to contribute to the development of the course with lectures, seminars and research projects.
The succession of visiting professors increases the attractiveness of the chair and guarantees students unique and innovative learning opportunities, the result of continuous exchanges and comparisons with the holder of the chair. It also reveals the strong commitment of the University and the Bank to the specific area of teaching and research.

Teaching in Chair in Globalization and health: scientific, ethical and political challenges

Starting from March 2022, the course Globalization and health: scientific, ethical and political challenges will be taught by Prof. Paolo Vineis, Professor of Epidemiology at Imperial College London, former Visiting Professor at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, as well as Vice President of the Consiglio Superiore di Sanità.
Prof. Vineis is one of the leading researchers in the field of molecular epidemiology and has published several books including the latest Prevenire. Manifesto per una tecnopolitica - written with Luca Carra and Roberto Cingolani.
The teaching will embrace, in their entirety, the key issues of global health study design, highlighting the need for a multidisciplinary approach, including biology, socio-cultural views, economics and politics, to understand and research global health. It will also examine ethical models in global public health, the role of new genetic and molecular methodologies in research, and the major causes of poor health in the developed and developing world.

Bank and University, together to map out paths of growth for young people

This chair enriches and enhances the excellence of the Tor Vergata University's teaching programme. In order to reinforce the value and prestige of the chair, the Bank wanted to support the University in the recruitment of scholars and researchers of great scientific standing.
The partnership demonstrates the mutual desire to channel commitment into the common objective of charting paths of growth for young people and the community. In fact, together, the Bank and the University believe that knowledge and academic research are the common good that reduces inequalities and offers social development, a good that must be open to all.
For us, investing in support for study and research that creates employability is always the objective to be accomplished in order to offer our young people the opportunity to cultivate their talent and prepare themselves for a particularly competitive job market.

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