Intesa Sanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair in Global Governance

A new chair called "Intesa Sanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair in Global Governance", created in partnership with the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The chair holder in Global Governance is Prof.Gustavo Piga, full professor of Political Economy at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, economist expert on public procurement, fiscal policies, anti-corruption monetary policy and the European Union.
The chair, established since March 2022, has as its aim the study of a series of multilevel activities, rules and mechanisms, formal and informal, public and private, present in today's world.
In particular, the focus is on cooperative agreements and activities that institutions and other actors establish to tackle issues and problems of international interest.
The current international context is related to the complexity and plurality of interests, so that the decision-making process must be originated from the action of different subjects who trigger interaction networks and continuous negotiation processes.

Intesa Sanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair in Global Governance: what is it

Based on these considerations, the research activity of Intesa Sanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair in Global Governance will train young experts in global processes geared toward careers in multinational and international institutions. A profile pursued by public administrations, large private organizations or the Third Sector, which are based world-wide.

The degree course in Global Governance is highly interdisciplinary, conceived thanks to the ​​merging of both humanities and scientific disciplinary fields combined with an innovative and synergistic approach capable of bringing together different teachings of the core didactic areas at the University of Tor Vergata: Economics, Law, Literature and Philosophy, Medicine, Engineering and Science, with the possibility of choosing a specialization from among these. The course is accomplished with Erasmus and internship at Italian and international institutions, organizations or companies.
The course fully meets the need for globalization and for this reason too it is delivered in English.
We are confident that the appointment of the chair will enable prof. Piga to pursue even higher goals, whereas for the students it will be a stepping stone towards an increasingly integrated and globalized world, which requires the ability to interact with a plurality of subjects with different cultural attitudes.


Two important study occasions

Two Lectures held by leading international professors who will discuss with the University community on topics of major interest within the Global Governance area, in particular:

  - "Will a Planet's Brain Be the Picklock to enter a globally Governable world?"
by Prof. Mario Rasetti, nuclear engineer and mathematician, with PHD in theoretical physics obtained in Gothenburg, he is President of the ISI Foundation (Institute for Scientific Interchange). He has enormous experience in prestigious international universities such as Yale, Coral Gables (at the University of Miami), Princeton. In Italy he was professor of theoretical physics, mathematical models and methods at the Polytechnic of Turin. His research refers to condensed matter theory, statistical mechanics, quantum information and computing and Big data.

 - " The Reputation Game: Why Perceptions Matter More Today Than Facts"
by Prof. Rupert Younger, founder and director of Oxford University - Said Business School Center for Corporate Reputation; Professor of Reputation and Leadership in MBA courses and in Executive Programs for executives and professionals of prestigious companies. Member of the Senior Common Rooms at Worcester College and of St. Antony's College in Oxford.

With this partnership we are willing to support the Tor Vergata University in the recruitment of scholars and researchers of value, elements that strengthen the prestige, reputation and exposure of the University and make its training offer excellent.
The partnership is also an expression of the mutual desire to address the commitment to the common goal of tracing a path of growth for young people and for the community.
Together, in fact, we think that knowledge and academic research are the common good that reduce inequalities and offer social development, a good that must be available to all.
For us, investing in education and research that create employability is always the goal to be achieved in order to offer our young people the opportunity to cultivate their talent and prepare for a particularly competitive job market.

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Intesa Sanpaolo for education

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