Master in Insurance Innovation: applications are now open for the second edition

Young graduates with a keen interest in innovation combined with the world of insurance can apply now for the second edition of the Master in Insurance Innovation which will start in October.

The Master in Insurance Innovation is promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo Group and Reale Mutua, with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, designed and implemented by the School of Management and Economics of the University of Turin and the Master's and Permanent Training School of the Politecnico di Turin, in partnership with the Collegio Carlo Alberto.


The impact of digitalization on the insurance market

The main trends and leading experts in the sector project the massive arrival of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning onto the insurance landscape, especially in the development of sectors dealing with predictive analysis and risk mitigation strategies.
Many reports and forecasts accredit technology as an asset capable of innovating the insurance sector by introducing increasingly sophisticated and personalized systems and methods of interaction with customers.
The different peculiarities of the market lead digitalization which creates a double impact: it reduces costs and requires new regulatory attention.
The same emergency context is also rapidly changing the needs and demands of customers, triggering the research for new business models and the formation of new customer segments. In order to manage all these variables, new professionals are required, new figures prepared and ready to actively contribute to the definition of new business models, new processes and new products.
For bringing innovation and continuing to innovate, are necessary systemic visions and people capable of interpreting them. To remain competitive on the market, comparisons and partnerships are needed within the sector and among operators with the academic world.

Training the professional figures of the insurance companies of the future

The Master in Insurance Innovation was conceived and designed with the aim of training professionals who operate in the insurance market with systemic skills and visions suitable for managing the important structural changes described above.
The Faculty, the structure and the didactic approach adopted will be able to train talented young professionals ready to stay abreast of ongoing changes using languages, tools and technology in close correlation with the business and the rules that govern it.

Why apply

The interdisciplinary path is based on a pedagogical model strongly devoted to the active and experiential participation of students, to encourage comparison and interaction between participants. In addition to the core themes developed by the academic teachers, there will be computer labs and innovation labs where participants will be able to discuss with the professionals of the partner companies to analyze all-round case studies and best practices, thus activating a fruitful and mutual exchange of knowledge and of points of view that enrich the final educational background.
The Master is a full-time training experience lasting 12 months, its teaching structure is organized in four phases:
- entry phase - differentiated teaching modules for each cluster of graduates to unify the knowledge of the students enrolled as much as possible
- core phase - based on the fundamental lessons of the insurance sector, customized on ESG guidelines
- innovation phase - which explores the areas of big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security and emerging technologies
- active phase - which consolidates the lessons learned with practical experience, to be carried out through an internship or the creation of a project work, under the supervision of a company tutor.

At the end of the master, young professionals will be equipped with the skills to face a scenario in which clients seek for innovative information and tailor-made services.
Furthermore, by combining high-speed technologies, young professionals will be able to contribute in the various organizational structures of a company to increase the level of offer and service including the launch of innovative startups in the insurtech field.


Enrollment, location and scholarships for the Master in Insurance Innovation

The lessons will be held, as far as possible, in person, at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, in compliance with all safety provisions and, where not possible, on e-learning platforms.
There are 25 seats available and scholarships based on the usual criteria (income, merit and off-site), in addition to a grant called "Covid-19" scholarship, recognized to all participants by the sponsoring companies to support the investment in training and education in this period of health and social emergency.
Applications for the second edition are now open, to find out more and apply, visit the Master's website.

The dates of the next admission calls are:

     - 2nd call 01/04/2021 - 30/04/2021
     - 3rd call 01/06/2021 - 30/06/2021.

The initiative is an adequate response to the training-employment needs of the insurance sector and in particular fully responds to the common goal of all the partners involved: to accompany the youngest in becoming aware of the drivers of the profession, such as the culture of protection, the research for '' innovation, digitalization, multi-channel and above all the centrality of the customer.         

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