Training the future managers for the Impact Economy

It is about to start the first edition of the 1st level Master in Social Impact economy & management (local, global, business and non-business) organized by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Brescia along with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo.

The green and sustainable economy and management with a high social impact are a rapidly growing reality that will offer great job opportunities in Italy and abroad, to companies, financial institutions, but also to the public sector and to the non-profit world.
The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart along with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo bring in the Master in Social Impact Economy & Management: an innovative and quality training project that prepares specifically for the managerial and entrepreneurial positions of the future.

Who is the master in Social Impact economy & management for?

The master is for:

  • students and young graduates with any three-year degree
  • entrepreneurs and managers of companies that make and / or want to make corporate social responsibility and sustainability (internally and externally) an important aspect of their strategy and development
  • entrepreneurs and managers of third sector entities, social enterprises and benefit companies as well as sectors with a high social impact
  • communication, marketing and public relations directors and HR (and / or collaborators)
  • consultants on sustainability, social business / innovation and corporate welfare
  • managers of welfare policies of business enterprises and CSR managers of enterprises and non-profit organizations
  • business and / or social entrepreneurs
  • investors in social and sustainable businesses.

It is also open to entrepreneurs, managers or aspiring entrepreneurs without a degree (as auditors).


The Master enables the training of modern profit and non-profit entrepreneurs and managers who intend to operate according to business logic with a high social, economic and environmental impact and / or in innovative, socially relevant and sustainable sectors.

The didactic structure

The Master in Social Impact economy & management is 1st level and is divided into 12 teaching modules equal to 288 hours of lessons, of which 96 in presence at the Brescia campus, and 867 hours of personal study. There will also be 10/12 webinars focused on innovative sectors and businesses with a high social and / or environmental impact (energy, science, education, health, assistance, cooperation, tech etc.). The curriculum is completed by 200 hours of internship (optional) and 325 hours of project work activities.

Why choosing the Master in Social Impact economy & management

The social impact economy represents the future and affects business enterprises of any size increasingly attentive to sustainability, to the circular and green economy, to  the development of high-impact projects, products and services, to the welfare of employees and territories, and in general to corporate social responsibility, but also to third sector companies and social enterprises.                                                                               
The Master is an excellent opportunity to prepare for the managerial and entrepreneurial positions of the future.

Why does Intesa Sanpaolo support the master?

The Master in Social Impact Economy & Management addresses extremely topical issues, which are now of interest to companies of any size, increasingly attentive to sustainability, the circular economy, as well as to the welfare of their employees and territories.                                                                                                                  
Intesa Sanpaolo, aware of the impactful role it plays in the social and environmental context, has been at the forefront of sustainability and circular economy for years, with an extremely proactive commitment. Furthermore, the Bank believes in the need to train a new class of entrepreneurs so to allow companies to seize all the opportunities offered by the market and, at the same time, to anticipate regulatory and consumer trends.                                                                                                                   
Intesa Sanpaolo supports the Master by contributing to the establishment of scholarships for the most deserving students. In addition, the colleagues of the Group will intervene in the teaching of the course, sharing their knowledge and experiences with the students.

Enroll in the Master in Social Impact Economy & Management

To enroll in the Master, consult the Catholic University website, you will find all details and contents of the Master and also all the necessary information.

To learn more

Review the live presentation event of the Catholic University to be held on 14 September at 11.00, and also read the interesting article by Prof. Marco Grumo, head of the Master.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             September 2021




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