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On 15 October 2021 starts the new edition of the Executive Programme in Supervision, Governance and Strategy of Financial Intermediaries, achieved by Intesa Sanpaolo along with the Luiss Business School.

The aim is to train new professionals required by the financial market with specialised skills, strategic vision and the ability to affect institutional and political-decision-making structures. The program, in its second edition, is offered on weekends in a blended formula (campus and online) and will allow students to deepen and broaden their knowledge of financial regulation by acquiring innovative content to understand the market dynamics influenced by the various regulation trends. For the 2021 edition, two new modules have been added: Digital open banking and Sustainable Finance. In addition, a 15-hour part was added midway through the training course (January 2022)for the development of project works.                                                                                                

The Program consists of eight Modules: Bank models, Capital requirements, The metamorphosis of banking governance, Resolution and remediation of banking crises, The rules of the financial market and regulated markets, Transparency of contractual conditions, and the two new Digital Open Banking and Sustainable Finance.


"The training path proposed by the Executive Program is an expression of Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to the growth of the economic culture of Italian management and I am convinced that it can become an increasingly important catalyst with respect to private entities active in this field, representing, over time, a benchmark of reference also at European level".

Marcello Mentini, Head Group Regulatory Agenda Department, Intesa Sanpaolo

What is the Executive Programme on financial intermediaries

It is an executive programme that will provide participants with an in-depth analysis of the regulatory framework of the financial system, as well as a wealth of skills useful for moving in the world of financial intermediaries, aware of the opportunities and limits imposed by the regulations as well as of risks and impacts produced on the entire economic and production system.                                                                                  
In The multidisciplinary teaching structure will enable participants to acquire and improve their critical and synthetic skills to discuss aspects of corporate finance, compliance related to the various regulatory areas, but also on more core aspects such as business diversification, profitability of decisions and investment choices, customer satisfaction, the value of the intermediary on the market, the recognition of its products and services.                                                                    
In summary, the professional figure formed by the Executive Programme will have technical-specialized skills, but also a strategic vision that will enable to increase the quality of decisions.

Who is it for?

The Executive Programme is intended for young analysts, professionals and consultants in the banking and financial sector. It is also suitable for Directors and Executive Managers interested in increasing the specialization of their knowledge of financial regulation.

Intesa Sanpaolo, by contributing directly to defining the didactic structure of the training program, designing and delivering part of the course content, offers participants its know-how on the subject, tested and consolidated over the years.
We want to play a strategic role in shaping the future of the country, which is why we support the academy in researching and training a managerial class capable of competing with the highest challenges posed by the financial market.                          

We think that business-academy collaboration can promote the culture of risk in management and the ability to manage it to create value for companies, as well as competitiveness and growth for the entire economic system of the country.

This is the reason why we want to contribute to the training of professionals who are entrusted with the task of analyzing the European and international regulatory framework with an informed and strategic vision of the role that the financial intermediary exercises at a global level.


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