CyberSecurity: visions and future professions

There were celebrated the first graduates of the Master's Degree course in Cyber ​​Risk Strategy and Governance. Young professionals ready to manage the cyber risk of public and private companies with a multidisciplinary approach.

Intesa Sanpaolo's support to the partnership between Università Commerciale"Luigi Bocconi" and Politecnico di Milano, for the achievement of the specialist degree course in Cyber ​​Risk Strategy and Governance, comes from the attention to intercepting emerging needs from the world of work and commitment to creating learning ecosystems capable of enhancing the transfer of know-how and continuous dialogue between students, universities and companies.

Master's Degree in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance

The Master's Degree Course in Cyber ​​Risk Strategy and Governance - launched jointly by the Università Bocconi  and the  Politecnico di Milano - melts managerial vision and scientific rigor and brings together several key areas of knowledge to govern cyber risk.
Two of the most prestigious Italian universities, Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano, have common forces to prepare a new category of professionals in the field of cyber-risk.

The two-year program, entirely taught in English, blends their strengths in a complementary way: the Politecnico offers high-level training and technical skills in the field of computer science and technology, essential for a deep understanding of the cyber world, while the Bocconi shares its experience on strategic and economic fronts to examine the managerial principles necessary to place cyber-risk in the right reference context. Students also practice soft skills to effectively communicate new IT challenges.

Our partnership with the two universities enriches the learning ecosystem with the business experience, making it even more capable of enhancing the transfer of know-how and collective intelligence and also of involving, motivating and encouraging dialogue and continuous comparison between students, universities and company experience.


"... the program has a threefold soul that combines technical information and analytical methods with social sciences such as management, economics, law, ethics and soft skills, [...] because companies are not enough good technicians, but they want professionals capable of negotiate, skilled in speaking and making themselves understood ”.

Greta Nasi, co-director of the Master of Science for Bocconi

The teaching program and the professional figures trained

The interdisciplinary teaching program combines technical elements of computer science and analytical methods with other more classical disciplines such as: economics, financial law, social engineering, ethics and behavioral skills. Students will also be able to carry out an internship period at Intesa Sanpaolo facilities to experience the company firsthand, develop real case studies and deal with expertise.

In particular, the program trains 2 target professional figures: the Cyber ​​Risk Manager - who will manage the IT risk at an organizational level by designing and implementing ad hoc strategies; the Data Protection and Security Manager - who will take care of the protection and management of privacy as required by the various regulations in the area.

Figures who will be able to express their skills in public and private entities and companies committed to protecting data and information and preventing increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

The first graduates

In the last two editions of the course that have already started, there were about 80 students enrolled, girls and boys from different areas of study and research. The first graduates of the course have already been celebrated in the July 2021 session.
A third edition will start next September.


By our collaborations with the academic world, we seek to be recognized as contributors in attributing new meanings to changing professions. 
By contaminating knowledge and professions, skills and behaviors, we help young people to imagine their future and to give shape and concreteness to their actions to achieve their aspirations.

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