Digitizing the banking professions

Internships and testimonials from Bank managers are planned to explore the evolution of the banking sector towards digitization. A new Intesa Sanpaolo and Politecnico di Torino collaboration as part of the recently signed Framework Agreement.

The agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo and Politecnico di Torino continues, aimed at developing synergies to support study, the growth of the younger generations and the development of the Turin area.

The impact of digitization on work in banks

With the technological transition taking place in the banking system, banking professions change, and skills evolve.                                                                       
The new customer approaches introduced in banks provide for the integration of different skills to reach a consultancy that is the result of a multi-channel strategy and a broad knowledge of the products, services offered and the underlying processes. In addition, the latter have been greatly revolutionized by digital technology which has allowed the introduction of business agility methodologies and approaches, and therefore simplify the overall business organization and ways of working and speed up interactions with customers.                                                                                            
Therefore, it is necessary to work to give all professional figures present in the bank a set of skills and transversal knowledge that bring together basic knowledge with interpersonal skills, technical skills and analytical skills, proactivity, decision-making autonomy.  

Collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino for the training of young people

Intesa Sanpaolo and Politecnico di Torino are united by the belief that young people are the most important assets of a community and by the commitment to their overall growth consistent with the evolution of the world of work.
In fact, for some time both have been committed to accompanying innovation by enhancing young people with the skills and abilities necessary to better plan their lives within society and the world of work. Young people, if properly trained and trained to act on these skills, will in fact have greater opportunities for employment both in existing companies and in those that they themselves will be able to set up.

Agreement for the digitization of the new banking professions

The collaboration, which is part of the digitalization of the new banking professions, mainly concerns the disciplines closest to digital such as AI, Data science and Cyber security, and also the issues of sustainability and circularity of economic activities.
A panel of disciplines in which the Politecnico and the Bank envision areas in which effective interactions can be activated aimed at the research, design and implementation of solutions and tools useful for data management and protection, as well as the rethinking of company processes and services.

What does this collaboration provide with?

The internships available thanks to the collaboration will last six months, may be curricular or extracurricular and will be intended for students of the Data, Cyber and Digital degree courses. They are delivered at the Intesa Sanpaolo offices and will offer students the opportunity to develop a broad vision and to apply the know-how and methodologies acquired in working contexts.
With their testimonials, bank managers will bring students specialized skills, strategic visions and application ideas that will integrate and complete teaching and academic knowledge.

The corporate testimonials will talk about:

  • circular economy
  • business sustainability
  • sustainable management of workspaces
  • developments in the ESG area
  • AI at the service of sustainability.

Another innovative topic covered will be that of the Cloud Region, or the cloud infrastructure necessary for large companies to manage their databases, the region is the specific area on which the infrastructure is located.                                            
Intesa Sanpaolo recently signed an agreement with Google and TIM to use TIM's cloud data centers hosted between Piedmont and Lombardy.


Synergies and advantages

It is a collaboration that will give greater vigor and continuity to the development of entrepreneurial ideas of students and researchers, relaunching the ecosystem of innovation that belongs to the Turin metropolitan city.                                                    
The synergies that will be activated will ensure students a training capacity and a high level of professionalism and therefore greater marketability on the job market.
The impact in terms of supporting the study and promoting the training of younger generations further enriches the results and goals of our commitment to social growth, employment and innovation.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      July, 2021



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