A Home for my Family

Casa di accoglienza per bambini onco-ematologici e rispettive famiglie
Casa di accoglienza per bambini onco-ematologici e rispettive famiglie

The project A Home for my Family is among the project interventions that characterize Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to greater social cohesion and the reduction of inequalities.

The initiative was born from the meeting between the Bank and the Maria Letizia Verga Onlus Committee in Monza, the Gerolamo Gaslini Foundation in Genoa, the Santobono Pausilipon Foundation in Naples, the UGI - Unione Genitori Italiani - Onlus in Turin, the AGEOP - Pediatric Hematology Oncology Parents Association of Bologna and AIL - Italian Association against Leukemia-Lymphomas and Myeloma - Padua section. The project initiatives of A Home for my Family have helped to strengthen the reception system for the families of sick children hospitalized in long-term pediatric wards and, in particular, for parents who, in order to guarantee the best care for their children, are forced to move from their place of residence for long periods.

A welcome network

A Home for my Family leverages on the ability to generate social impact through the collaboration between profit and non-profit organizations and strengthens a wide network of organizations already operating on the reception front, with the aim of consolidating and giving systematicity to the receptive capacity of the network itself.

The project was launched at some of the hospitals where the Intesa Sanpaolo Programme for long-stay child patients is already active with the opening of nurseries in the pediatric oncology wards in primary hospitals throughout Italy.

This project is carried out in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, set by the Un's 2030 Agenda. For more details, see the Sustainability section.

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