Recreational Therapy

Intesa Sanpaolo e Dynamo Camp Terapia Ricreativa
Intesa Sanpaolo e Dynamo Camp Terapia Ricreativa

What is Dynamo Camp

Officially speaking, Dynamo Camp is a recreational therapy camp located at the heart of Tuscany. But there’s more to it than that. Each child has a right to happiness and, with that in mind, you can see the impact that the work carried out aims to achieve by providing sick children and teenagers, currently receiving treatment or recovering after being hospitalised, with free holidays and recreational activities.

Intesa Sanpaolo for Dynamo Camp

In deciding to support Dynamo Camp as part of this project, we focused our attention on families who bear the burden of care and the emotional toll that illness takes. As carers, mothers and fathers form something of an invisible support network, caring for their children who suffer from serious disabilities or cannot physically look after themselves. With these challenges in mind, which represent a significant aspect of care in Italy, Intesa Sanpaolo has taken on the responsibility of combining Dynamo Camp’s efforts with those of Vidas - another important organisation committed to this issue - to strengthen involvement and broaden the scope of action.

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