A new recognition from the Diversity Brand Summit

Intesa Sanpaolo is in the Top 20 of the Diversity Brand Index (DBI), the index that measures the perception of consumers on the ability and commitment of brands in terms of Diversity & Inclusion.

During the 4th edition of Diversity Brand Summit, held last Wednesday 14 April, was presented the report of the Diversity Brand Index.
The index is made by combining the results of a research project, which also includes a survey that detected the perceptions of consumers and the market, and the assessments relating to concrete initiatives delivered by a multi-university and international Scientific Committee, of which representatives of the Luigi Bocconi, LUISS, La Sapienza, Milano Bicocca, EM Lyon and Università della Svizzera Italiana universities are members.
In this way were selected 20 brands which in 2020 contributed with concrete initiatives to create the conditions for a greater dissemination of the culture of inclusion.
The entry into the Top 20 of Intesa Sanpaolo also came thanks to the contribution of Webecome and Business Gemma, considered projects with a high inclusive value, which produce concrete impacts on the target figures and the community.


Webecome is an inclusive training proposal dedicated to primary schools.
It is a project that has a twofold value: it promotes inclusion and develops positive behaviors, responding to the need to address the emerging critical issues in terms of juvenile hardship; strengthens the transversal skills necessary for children to deal with a world in constant evolution, to build positive relationships and to develop their own personal initiative.
It is a free online platform, always available for schools and families, which can be visited on various digital devices.

Business Gemma

Business Gemma is a loan aimed at all women entrepreneurs or self-employed workers, designed to support the establishment of new companies, the start of freelance profession, to develop ongoing activities or to deal with unforeseen professional situations.

Diversity & Inclusion are in our DNA

Intesa Sanpaolo has over time been committed to developing strategies and projects that create a climate oriented towards inclusion and promote the development of all people.
For us, diversity and inclusion mean enhancing the different points of view and backgrounds that make each individual unique, allowing everyone to better express their skills.
An all-round commitment, which addresses all the various dimensions of diversity: gender, affective orientation and gender identity, age, culture and disability.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        April 2021


Intesa Sanpaolo for education

Here are some initiatives that we support to spread education and knowledge, guarantee the right to study and support research and businesses in the country