Erasmus, scholarships for the South

Collaboration Intesa Sanpaolo-Federico II continues. 
Support and training to help young students increase their ability to learn for themselves and for the context in which they choose to act, contributing consciously to the development of society as a whole.

A collaboration that promotes the right to study and the access to the world of work

The collaboration with the University of Naples - Federico II already formalized with the agreement signed in July 2019, was recently renewed.
The partnership moves on several project lines, including: support for student mobility and specialist training to prepare selected graduates for the Financial Advisor exam.


Scholarships to promote international mobility

The desire of many young people to get involved and explore new cultural realities indicates the need to seek different visions and experiences to relate to patterns already known in their own contexts.

Student mobility facilitates all of this and is essential for increasing the quality of university education. The possibility of completing their studies abroad constitutes an important step in the training project of young university students.
In Italy, the availability of mobility abroad is very widespread, and is particularly marked among young people in the South, also probably reinforced by an additional impulse deriving from the socio-economic difficulties present in some territories.
In fact, for young people in the South, the experience of a study stay abroad is an opportunity to have greater appeal on the local job market.
Sometimes the possibility of really benefiting from mobility does not depend exclusively on individual availability, but also on the indirect support of institutions and society. These accompanying, enhancing and supporting a young person's experience abroad, can determine the success of his training project.

With the certainty that mobility favors the right and inclusion to study, we believe it is necessary to encourage the possibility of completing university study paths for all citizens, regardless of the area in which they live and the family and social background from which they come. This initiative focuses the commitment on the young people of Federico II, giving vigor to investment in education and helping to fuel the development engine of the territory.

The Intesa Sanpaolo scholarships awarded to students to date of the Department of Economic Sciences and Statistics (DISES) have in fact allowed them to face the Erasmus path with greater serenity. They were able to integrate and compare their expertise with the knowledge and experiences of teachers, researchers and students from other countries; they were able to measure their ability to adapt to different uses and cultures and experimented with new angles in their way of looking at the world.
Many positive factors that we hope can be replicated for the other students who will participate in the new call for the assignment of the 3nd tranche of Intesa Sanpaolo scholarships, recently published by the University.

Specialized training to facilitate access to work

The Department of Economic Sciences and Statistics provides new graduates identified through the Make it real contest with specialized training to prepare them for the Financial Advisor exam and initiate them for the internship aimed at recruitment with the innovative mixed contract. These are training cycles focused on learning the operating techniques of companies in the banking, financial and insurance sectors.
To date, DISES has trained over 350 interns, many of whom have successfully passed the Financial Advisor qualification exam and have been able to choose to work with our Bank. The agreement was recently extended for the whole of 2021 to continue to start young people into the world of work.

Our commitment to the country's growth is always strong, as is our attention to young people, to the right to education, training and access to the world of work. With the support of the study we want to contribute to reducing educational inequalities and to give a positive social impulse. By investing in international mobility and specialized training, we work to create a tangible impact both individually and collectively. All to ensure that young students develop the ability to learn for themselves and for the context in which they choose to act and become central elements of their life project, contributing in a conscious way to the development of society as a whole.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          July, 2021

Intesa Sanpaolo for education

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