Next To You: Aliseo's project against youth alcohol abuse

Team Associazione Aliseo Onlus
Team Associazione Aliseo Onlus

I am Jessyka Robiolio Bose, psychotherapist for the Aliseo Association, a body created with the aim of dealing with, at a preventive and rehabilitative level, problems related to alcohol abuse in the Piedmontese territory.  

For over thirty years we have been involved in the care and treatment of alcoholics and their family members. In addition, we work closely with services in the area to provide proximity and domiciliary care. We are also committed to prevention and awareness on alcohol-related issues and offer training and research on alcohol abuse.  

Inform and support children and families thanks to the Charity Fund

Thanks to the Intesa Sanpaolo Charity Fund, we have created the Next To You project, an active initiative in Piedmont aimed at young people, with particular attention to the 18-24 age group with alcohol abuse problems or with an alcoholic parent. The project aims to spread awareness and the correct information on the risks of alcohol consumption, increase the ability of youths to recognise their own needs to get the help they need and encourage the learning of effective strategies to manage mental discomfort.   

Thanks to the support received, we were able to offer young beneficiaries’ education and psychotherapeutic treatments, as well as support paths for the parents. To date, we have held over 400 meetings, both in person and online. In addition, we have created a website and social media accounts dedicated to young people, where they can find information on the risks of alcohol use and be directed towards free and conscious choices

The valuable contribution of the Charity Fund has allowed us to respond to a need that emerged from the 2022 Report of the Italian National Institute of Health regarding the impact of alcohol consumption, namely that of spreading awareness and information on the risks related to the intake of alcoholic beverages and investing in measures to combat addiction, in particular in relation to young people. 

To other associations that want to present a project to the Intesa Sanpaolo Charity Fund, we recommend identifying a real need in the territory and designing concrete actions that have a positive impact on the people and the environment. 

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