Mimmo Jodice photography exhibition in Turin

Punta Pedrosa 1998, Mimmo Jodice
Punta Pedrosa 1998, Mimmo Jodice

From 29 June 2023 to 7 January 2024, the Gallerie d’Italia in Turin will host a photographic exhibition dedicated to the Neapolitan artist Mimmo Jodice (Naples, 1934). One of the most important contemporary Italian photographers, he is recognised and admired throughout the world. The event is the second chapter of the project "La Grande Fotografia Italiana" (The Great Italian Photography), curated by photographer and publisher Roberto Koch. The initiative was launched in 2022 with the exhibition “Lisetta Carmi. Playing loud“. The aim is to pay tribute to Italian photography of the 20th century by making this highly productive artistic adventure better known to the general public. 

"Mimmo Jodice. Senza Tempo": photography exhibition in Turin

The title of the exhibition is "Mimmo Jodice. Senza Tempo" (Mimmo Jodice. Timeless). The absence of time is a key feature of Jodice’s photographs, a force that merges with the environment to create ever-changing atmospheres. The images captured by the artist seem to go beyond the mere representation of current events and news, creating visions rather than documentation.  The artistic journey of the photographer is closely linked to his need to distance himself from the habits that are related to the time that photography takes. Jodice searches for a longer time of his own that leaves room for understanding, for profound harmony with what is before him. Thus an alienating and timeless poetic universe of works comes to life.

Mimmo Jodice: a leading Italian photographer

Since the 1970s and later, in the turbulent midst of the counterculture of these years, the artist’s works seem to distance themselves from any aesthetic that is for its own sake, suggesting a new point of view on the anxieties, beauties, and contradictions of society, particularly the Neapolitan one in which Jodice lived. The 1980s witnessed his style evolved into a profound exploration of landscapes, revealing his interest in the silent and untamed majesty of nature, but also in the nuances of the human soul and its most intimate psychological, emotional, and dreamlike aspects.

Suspended time is what the refined and visionary talent of Mimmo Jodice offers the spectator. The exhibition is dedicated to suspended time, in which everyone can see their personal experience reflected, a starting point for trying to reconstruct a conceptual path of collective memory.

The exhibition also includes a video documentary on the life of the great photographer. Directed by the famous theatre and film director Mario Martone, his friend and fellow citizen, it will be shown to the public for the first time on this occasion.