Scena Unita: the fundraising in the aid of entertainment workers

Scena unita per il sostegno ai lavoratori dello spettacolo
Scena unita per il sostegno ai lavoratori dello spettacolo

The crisis caused by Covid-19 has hit many sectors hard, first and foremost music and entertainment. Intesa Sanpaolo promotes the Scena Unita project on the For Funding platform to support entertainment and music workers in this difficult time.

As we know, the huge health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has hit all sectors, without sparing anyone. And yet, there are some worlds which, by their very own nature, are being particularly threatened by a historical moment where social distancing has now become the watchword. 

This is the case of the music and entertainment industry, a supply chain that counts thousands of workers, professionals who have faced trials and tribulations, but who now find themselves powerless in front of an invisible enemy. The lockdown and restrictions of the following months led to the suspension of all shows, causing enormous economic damage.

Then summer came along and for many, especially music and entertainment workers, it was seen as a possible oasis in the desert, an opportunity to start again and finally resume work. However, the illusion did not last long, as the number of infections increased, and shows and events were once again cancelled. A further stop that risks putting a lot of people to the ultimate test: artists, technicians, publishers, producers are just a few items on a very long list.

An appeal in aid of workers in the entertainment industry

Over this difficult period, workers in the entertainment and music industry have tried in different ways to make their voices heard. Interviews, statements by prominent personalities, initiatives aimed at raising awareness of that same general public which it would usually look to entertain. The sector’s representatives also organised street demonstrations to give visibility to a unanimous request for help put forward by the entertainment industry workers: rules capable of respecting health measures but at the same time allowing an effective restart of the industry.

CESVI's "Scena Unita" project supported by Intesa Sanpaolo

Intesa Sanpaolo accepted the numerous requests for help and came into action alongside the artists by supporting - on For Funding, the Bank’s online fundraising platform - the "Scena Unita – per i lavoratori della musica e dello spettacolo" project and donating a 300.000 euro contribution to the initiative.

Scena Unita is a fund managed by CESVI, in collaboration with La Musica Che Gira and Music Innovation Hub, which aims to support workers in the entertainment and music industry. A challenge that has turned into a real mobilisation of the same sector: thus, a large number of celebrities have given their own personal contribution to help their most vulnerable colleagues.

Dream Hit: the solidarity contest with Fedez and the big names of Italian music

To increase donations to the “Scena Unita” fund, the CESVI project was also supported during Dream Hit, a concert and social talent show sponsored by Intesa Sanpaolo. On 22 November, at Fabrique in Milan, artists of the likes of Fedez, Achille Lauro, Elodie, Mahmood and Carl Brave brought a great event to life, streamed live on our YouTube channel where it is also possible to watch a replay for those who missed it. The concert served as an opportunity to promote the initiative in support of the music sector in crisis.

That evening marked the official start of the social talent show promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo to showcase the talent of young artists, which ended with the grand final of 13 December. Further information on the page dedicated to the initiative

Supporting the cause and giving help to show business workers is very easy: to make a donation just connect to our For Funding platform dedicated to crowdfunding.