Artissima International Contemporary Art Fair 2022 in Turin

Among the best major developments at this year's Artissima International Contemporary Art Fair in Turin, whose 29th edition (at which Intesa Sanpaolo has served as Main Partner for the third year in a row) will take place from 4 to 6 November, is the broader range of artistic, cultural and experimental displays and initiatives, featuring special events, including some outside of the OVAL Lingotto Fiere arena, organised in collaboration with partners and city institutions.

With four themed sections (Main Section, New Entries, Monologue/Dialogue, and Art Spaces & Editions) and three curated sections (Disegni, Present Future, and Back to the Future), Italy's largest and most important contemporary art fair welcomes 174 national galleries and 35 monographic projects. Galleries from 28 countries across 4 continents will be present either physically or through the event’s digital platform.

The central theme of 2022’s eventful fair is Transformative Experience, which incorporates the innovative thoughts of US philosopher L.A. Paul - professor of philosophy and cognitive science at Yale University - on how powerful, emotionally speaking, a transformative experience can be for the human spirit, unexpectedly breaking down every sensory restriction and every convention defined by rationality. 

The art of Gregory Crewdson arrives at the fair

At the fair’s exhibition space, an exclusive and highly evocative area was reserved for the photographic prowess of US master Gregory Crewdson (Brooklyn, 1962). Since the 1980s, Crewdson has been able to convey, like no other artist, the dreamlike aspect and elusive emotional tension lurking beneath the drab, homogenised, motionless and often gloom-laden surface of both everyday life in middle-class suburban America and the extraordinary, yet vacuous and contrast-filled existences of the victims of the so-called “star system”.


Here, a collection of his masterworks will be displayed, commissioned by Intesa Sanpaolo for the exhibition “Gregory Crewdson. Eveningside”, which will be held at the Gallerie d'Italia museum in Turin, from 12 October to 22 January 2023. The exhibition - a unique event curated by French art critic Jean-Charles Vergne - brings together, for the very first time, the photographer’s three series created between 2012 and 2022, in a trilogy that offers an all-new perspective on a decade brimming with creation.

Collective Individuals by Leonardo Bigazzi at Gallerie d’Italia

Among the most innovative and fascinating special projects going on in the city is Collective Individuals. Developed in collaboration with the Gallerie d’Italia museum in Turin and curated by Leonardo Bigazzi (curator of Fondazione In Between Art Film and Lo schermo dell’arte), the exhibition presents a selection of video-based works in the immersive hall of the Gallerie d’Italia museum, many of which are being shown for the first time in our country.

A collection of visionary works and experiments that differ wildly from one another, from low-resolution images recorded with an old iPhone to the most sophisticated digital-image processing techniques. What unites these works is a tormented, almost radiographic depiction of an increasingly divisive and incomprehensible present occupied by figures that wander around bewildered, in a delicate balance of meaning and perspective. This artwork has an extraordinary introspective impact and is at constant odds with the obsolescence of social models that have proven inadequate for the possibilities and modern need for inclusion and sustainability we see today.

The videos exhibited were made by some of the most noteworthy artists present at Artissima: Larry Achiampong (Copperfield Gallery, London), Yael Bartana (Raffaella Cortese gallery, Milan), Jonathas de Andrade (Continua gallery, San Gimignano, Beijing, Les Moulins, Havana, Rome, São Paulo, Paris, Dubai), Alice dos Reis (LEHMANN + SILVA gallery, Porto), Hiwa K (Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, Milan, Lucca, and KOW, Berlin), Adelita Husny-Bey (LAVERONICA Contemporary Art gallery, Modica), and Cinthia Marcelle and Tiago Mata Machado (Sprovieri Gallery, London).