In Turin, an MBA for future managers

The first level Master in Business Administration is launched by the SAA - School of Management of the University of Turin, in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo.

Now in its sixth edition, the Master MBA of the SAA - School of Management aims to train young people who aspire to occupy managerial and entrepreneurial roles within companies or other public or private organizations.

What training is needed in the current context?

The current context of general uncertainty requires people convinced that investing in skills is the best way to face the complexity of the challenges deriving from globalization. Investing in skills means training to develop a vision capable of reading new contexts and acquiring the skills to identify the right strategies to face them. Growth and improvement are the typical drivers towards which the MBA is oriented to prepare those who want to be ready to compete in a constantly changing global market.


SAA Master in Business Administration

Why join

Attending the SAA MBA is a choice of personal and professional growth, because it well combines academic knowledge with company and individual experiences. A mix that stimulates thoughts, new ideas, insights and therefore generates new knowledge.
In fact, the MBA is a multidisciplinary path that offers students an analytical approach in managing the business and solving the problems connected to it.


Who is it for?

Young graduates from three-year or master's degrees or workers with strong ambitions for managerial roles and who need to acquire or consolidate specific and practical skills in the field of administration and marketing, particularly in the SME sector.


The didactic structure

The didactic structure proposes six areas:

  • Soft and professional skill
  • Fundamentals of management
  • Administrative and financial management
  • Business management and strategy
  • Digital management
  • Entrepreneurship


Two teaching methods available

Two editions of the master are active: one traditional and one with distance learning.

The traditional edition provides a full-time commitment with compulsory attendance from Monday to Thursday. It includes lectures, experiential workshops and hackathons to deepen the topics presented in the courses and to develop corporate projects and case studies. An internship period and a project work complete the course.

The distance learning edition provides the delivery of lessons in asynchronous mode, or with on-demand lessons available on the platform. Live virtual classrooms are also provided for in-depth studies and to carry out laboratory activities and exams for each module.                                                                                                                 
The remote format is particularly suitable for those who already work, as it provides a continuous availability of content and materials and the recognition of work as an internship.


The Faculty

It includes professors and researchers from the University of Turin and business specialists who make available the experience gained in their specific fields.
The people of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group will collaborate to developing the theme of innovation in its various facets, with testimonials and specialist teaching, sharing the experience gained in the implementation of corporate projects and proposing case studies to be analyzed in the laboratories or to be designed in the hackathons.


The collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo

Participating in the SAA MBA can be part of a large-scale project for your career path. Surely the path provides the tools to move with awareness in different industries, developing flexibility and a sense of responsibility, essential skills for a leader with a strong corporate vocation. For us, collaborating to the realization of the SAA MBA represents a new opportunity to be at the center of a fruitful exchange of experiences between professionals who live and share increasingly important challenges.

Pre-registration is open. It is possible to submit your application by registering for the admission competition by October 18, 2021.To learn more about enrollment procedures, teaching and costs, visit the Master's website.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  October, 2021

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