Commitment to the right to study and inclusion

Skills development, guidance support, educational initiatives but also financial support: there are many tools with which Intesa Sanpaolo puts the future of young people at the center. Don't lag behind in the study, don't stay on the fringes of society.

Don't lag behind in the study, don't stay on the fringes of society.
With these two clear objectives, children and young people are at the center of our commitment - together with schools and families - to better face the difficult growth and development paths of future citizens. In doing so, we activate social impact instruments and also economic support initiatives for the world that extends from elementary schools to high schools.

These are the guidelines of our activities: the centrality of education and training, a basic element to promote the development of people and the country; inclusion and the right to education to reduce differences and inequalities; guidance and the prevention of early school leaving, with the aim of restoring the correspondence between the skills formed by school and university and those required by the labor market; and finally the prevention of childhood discomforts.

Starting from the world of the little ones, Webecome is the project designed for primary schools that accompanies teachers, school managers and parents in contrasting the phenomena of social unease and the development of transversal skills of the child. The online platform contains video interviews with experts, educational videos, infographics, insights, bibliographies and tools. In times of pandemic, Webecome has offered primary school teachers useful information to manage their digital lessons and, also involving parents, is reflecting with them on reading the emotional states of children and on how to facilitate the re-processing of the emotions generated. from these moments of continuous uncertainty.

With Campioni di vita we make children meet great athletes, in particular from Paralympic disciplines, from which they learn the values of sport, a school of life that teaches them to commit themselves to reach a goal, get used to socialization and respect for the rules, generates trust and passion.

To combat early school leaving and students' educational failure, Z Lab is active, the path for transversal skills and guidance dedicated to high school youth that promotes orientation, employability, social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.
The course, recently made digital, is based on the development of the soft skills necessary for entry into the university or work world and aims to enhance the potential of young people, so that they become protagonists of their choices.

There is no shortage of financial education and protection education initiatives with training courses, spaces and laboratory activities on the themes of savings and protection organized by Museo del Risparmio and Area X  spaces designed to bring experiences, digital and otherwise, to live bringing young people closer to the culture of savings and insurance.

But, as mentioned, the interventions of our bank also include financial support for the study, in fact, the latest to be activated is XME StudioStation, a loan to finance the purchase of computers, software and Internet subscription to allow children to follow distance learning. Thanks to the coverage of the Fund for Impact (our social impact fund that allows the credit supply to excluded subjects or who would hardly be part of the traditional financial circuits) micro-loans at 0 interest rates will be provided.

Still on the subject of economic support, another news concerns per Merito, the loan reserved up to now for university students has been extended to upper secondary schools. Families can choose to use the sum to allow children to achieve the USA-Italy Double Diploma or to attend a year of school abroad. In addition, the loan for university students residing in the South or enrolled in universities in the South has recently been supported by StudioSì - Fondo Specializzazione Intelligente.

The synthesis of our commitment is contained in the term inclusion which clearly defines the objectives we aim for: the protection of children and infancy and the responsible integration of young people into civil society and the world of work.The younger generations have the right to feel like protagonists of the history they live, we have the duty to keep them at the center of our attention and our actions.

Intesa Sanpaolo for education

Here are some initiatives that we support to spread education and knowledge, guarantee the right to study and support research and businesses in the country