A school X defend my idea of the future

The " Una scuola X proteggere la mia idea di futuro" project, an educational proposal supported by Intesa Sanpaolo and created jointly with the Euducation Foundation. School and neighborhood merge to create a new idea of the future.

Concrete actions to rekindle hope in some of the "symbolic" suburbs of Italy

At the Istituto Comprensivo Sperone - Pertini in Palermo, has been launched, the pilot edition of the course " Una scuola X proteggere la mia idea di futuro " an inclusive educational proposal designed to raise awareness among pre-adolescents on the concept of protection as taking care of the different aspects and different places of everyday life for the flourishing of one's person and one's future.
The initiative is an element of continuity of Cesare Cremonini's 'Io vorrei' project, that has seen the involvement of the writer Giulio Rosk for the creation of murals depicting "the kids of the future" in the suburbs of Palermo, Naples and Ostia after an inclusion project carried out with the schools in the neighborhood. An initiative that Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura supports with Area X, sharing its values and positive messages for the younger generations.

The culture of care and protection can also help give awareness of being protagonists of one's own future

It is known that family, educational-scholastic and social environments have a decisive impact on the quality of childhood socio-emotional and cognitive development and of society as a whole. It is also well known that children who grow up in environments lacking affectivity, relationships and cognitive stimuli often experience behavioral and learning difficulties with the consequent increase in school failures and difficulties in social integration.
Making the school a privileged place for the dissemination of the culture of care and protection can help make girls and boys more aware and protagonists of their own path, rights and future. An awareness that can mature by bringing students closer to art, sport, culture, music and that can balance the social and educational poverty of the socio-family context, as well as becoming a powerful driver for reducing social inequalities and economic poverty.
This makes it clear why the IC Sperone – Pertini has "...become a neighborhood square and the neighborhood has become a school". In fact, the school is committed as a promoter of a continuous process of regeneration of the Sperone district which includes the recovery of the sea, the environment, services and public works and street educational projects. The MEDIANERAS wall, created by Argentine artists, which conveys messages of respect, recognition of the other, breaking down barriers and preconceptions is the latest of the projects carried out.

The project "Una scuola per proteggere la mia idea di futuro " at the I.C. Sperone – Pertini of Palermo

For the pilot edition, the I.C. Sperone – Pertini of Palermo.                                           
It involves second year students of lower secondary school and the teachers of the class councils, offering them a plurality of audiovisual contents to experiment with different ways of viewing, listening and comparing in groups. It is designed to train critical, systemic and exploratory thinking, in order to favor the orientation of one's choices on the future, not only personal but also in terms of active citizenship. It wants to create a digital glossary of active citizenship, with particular attention to the issues of legality and the environment, giving substance to their meaning through a research-action path that the students will face guided by tutors in film and media literacy workshops.
For the achievement of the path we rely on the Fondazione Euducation, which has a consolidated experience in the development of Education (from affectivity, to citizenship/ethics, to ecology and aesthetics) and of the scientific collaboration of Cinemovel Foundation, a non-profit organization with the honorary presidency of Ettore Scola, which promotes educational and social actions through the audiovisual language.

The didactic structure of the course

The project is divided into 5 face-to-face workshops during which male and female students are called to reflect, individually and in groups, on issues of active citizenship through stimuli launched by the facilitators also with the support of audiovisual content of various kinds (film scenes, videogames, advertisements, cartoons…).       
The laboratories are always preceded by info-training moments dedicated to the teachers who - between one laboratory and another - will have to ensure and support the creative research phase of the students.
Each meeting begins with the viewing of the materials selected by girls and boys and continues with a comparison between peers aimed at stimulating the analysis of the themes, the self-education of the group and the definition of a collective imagination. In addition, speeches by authors, journalists and experts are planned, who, starting from keywords selected by the participants, provide further suggestions and ideas useful for implementing and enriching the search for content on which to reflect. The final output of the workshops will be the Citizenship Glossary, a tool in which students will share research and reflections by publishing them on a dedicated digital area. The digital area will thus become a dynamic and useful multimedia library for comparing different approaches and points of view on topics.

Our commitment to spread the culture of protection

The support to culture of care and protection represents the commitment we have been pursuing for some time, in the firm belief that it is based on the interdependence between people, the environment and the socio-economic context. We are certain that in order to implement this culture it is necessary to maintain what we already have; continuing to pass on what we have received to those who will come after us and repair what has been compromised by the mistakes made. These behaviors represent a powerful engine of the dynamics and processes of building personal and social identity.
A concrete example of our commitment is Area X,, a space designed by Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura as an innovative place open to the public where technology and the world of protection come together to spread greater awareness on the subject. A space where young people can develop awareness of the risks present in daily life while having fun, training to face risks carefully and by making reasonable choices.

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