The Teatro alla Scala dance troupe starring in the docuseries "Corpo di ballo"

An initiative of the Teatro, in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo, to tell the behind the scenes of a profession that is every bit as fascinating as it is difficult.

Through dancers’ gaze and tales, the behind the scenes of a piece from the 2020/2021 theatre season. It is “Corpo di ballo”, a Panamafilm and RaiPlay production in which - for the first time - the Teatro alla Scala dancers take on the leading roles of a docuseries.

A sneak peek at the backstage of the programme

Produced by Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the project was backed by Intesa Sanpaolo. Once again, we intend to commit ourselves to cultural and artistic initiatives, because they do not only have an economic value but they also make an important contribution in terms of social cohesion. Initiatives that now more than ever need support not only because of the serious repercussions resulting from the pandemic but also in order to give our stricken country a much-needed morale boost.

The “Corpo di ballo” docuseries - highlighting beauty, grace and talent in an Italian temple of culture - takes on a symbolic, special and positive value. The rebirth cannot but originate from a place of the soul like the Teatro alla Scala and from its host city, Milan, Italy’s driving force.

The dedication of young dancers, but also the need for a regular life

The “Corpo di ballo” docuseries begins with the reopening of the theatre after the first lockdown and describes the complicated process to bring Giselle, the symbol of romantic ballet, to the stage and tells about the rehearsals, teachings, relationships, dreams, aspirations, mistakes, falls, victories, and elegance of the dancers. It gives an insight into the internal dynamics, but also a glimpse into their private lives outside the theatre. Stories of friendships and romances, but also of fierce competition and sacrifice between male and female dancers. True stories of young people who have decided to devote their lives to dance, and with whom to discover the behind the scenes of the most prestigious Italian dance company, recognised and admired all over the world.

The Corpo di Ballo series on Raiplay and Rai5

12 episodes of 25 minutes each available in streaming on Raiplay and from 10 May on Rai5 from Monday to Friday at 5.30 pm. A journey into the stories of the boys and girls of the Teatro alla Scala Corps de Ballet, with their dreams and aspirations, their talent and their relentless efforts; and those of their teachers, who work on that talent through endless repetitions of technical gestures, the construction of movements, the fortification of the will.

It is not easy to be twenty years old and to dance for one of the leading dance companies in the world, on the most famous Italian stage, where the most celebrated dancers in the history of dance have performed.

It takes talent and discipline, strength and ambition, luck and determination. All elements that must be reconciled with the desire to be a boy or a girl like everyone else. Thus, the “Corpo di Ballo” series intends to lead the audience to the discovery of an unknown world, on a journey between dance and life, between artistic aspects and private emotions, friendships and rivalries.

Two special guests at Gallerie d'Italia in Milan - Piazza Scala

Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko visiting the exhibition “Tiepolo. Venezia, Milano, l’Europa’'