RE-FISHED: from illegal trade to charity

Each year, between May and October, a massive amount of fish is seized in Italy because it has been caught illegally. The numbers from Sicily have caught our eye: the Port Authority of Catania has reported an annual average of 7 tons over the past three years and similar quantities have been reported by the Port Authority of Sciacca. In addition, the District Maritime Office of Marsala records about 2 tons per year and the Port Authority of Mazara del Vallo sees around 5 tons per year. Since 2016, there has been a regulation in place that establishes that seized fish that is still edible - and would otherwise be destroyed - can be given to charities for civic purposes and to help those in need on a non-profit basis. When you consider the type of product being dealt with, the need for specialist skills when processing it and the suitability of areas for storage and transportation, achieving this aim is not easy.

However, in collaboration with the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation - with which we already work to collect food and give it to those who need it most - we have launched a project entitled Re-Fished: from illegal trade to charity, which brings together aspects that are absolutely fundamental for fostering a culture of lawfulness and solidarity.