The Intesa Sanpaolo - Politecnico di Milano partnership has been consolidated

The collaboration agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo and Politecnico di Milano has been renewed. A valuable collaboration aimed at generating innovation, competitiveness, social and economic progress.

Synergies for talent

The current economic and social development trend needs a training system capable of intercepting and anticipating future needs to train the professional figures required by companies. A training system, governed by a logic of continuous circularity between academia and the world of work, which keeps the younger generations and their cultural and professional growth at the heart.

Talent, creativity and an aptitude for innovation
- necessary ingredients for this growth - are changing the dynamics and contexts where "thoughts" and "value" are generated. An orientation that is affecting society and the world of production, shaping new needs and new paradigms, new skills and new sensibilities.                                                   

Intesa Sanpaolo and the Politecnico di Milano
, primary players in this scenario, have intercepted and embraced these requests for change, and together they have decided to accompany young people in the process of acquiring new knowledge.              
A common intent that allows us to create a system through synergies already experienced in the many collaboration opportunities of the past two years.


The consolidated collaboration between Intesa Sanpaolo and Politecnico di Milano

In the two-year period, the Bank - Politecnico collaboration reached a high level of concreteness and articulation. Scholarships, doctorates, calls and research projects, specialist and / or laboratory teaching, recruiting, internships and internships are the most common forms of interaction. Many different projects, essentially aimed at the enhancement of talent and merit, as well as the development of training and high-quality research.                                                                                                     
These are some examples:

There have also been recruiting initiatives carried out in collaboration with the University Career Service and specialist training dedicated to employees of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

The new agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo and PoliMi

The new agreement - lasting three years - seals the positive experience of recent years and, with a substantial perspective of continuity, renews and expands the commitment of the partners to create additional opportunities for students and graduates to enter the world of work.
The new Bank – Politecnico partnership will make the exchange of knowledge and experience even more lively and continuous, and will contribute to the evolution of the skills developed, making them consistent with the needs of the labor market.

In addition to all this, Intesa Sanpaolo and the Politecnico di Milano - connected by a very strong interest in the development of innovation - will intensify the dialogue and discussion on academic research, making them evolve through the problem-based approach. There will therefore be many relationships, formal or otherwise, individual or institutional, from which further opportunities for collaboration will arise and develop.

University-business collaboration is thriving if it produces concrete solutions to stimulate innovation and growth. These are complementary worlds that can enrich knowledge and foster excellence in interacting with local players. The renewed Intesa Sanpaolo - Politecnico di Milano partnership intends to continuing the exchange of knowledge and experience that will contribute to the development of a new growth model more effective over the next three years.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    november, 2021                

Intesa Sanpaolo for education

Here are some initiatives that we support to spread education and knowledge, guarantee the right to study and support research and businesses in the country