Cagliari stage for the 2021 World Padel Tour

Fun, commonalty, dynamism, and intuition: all of this is in the menu of padel, and much more, and it is no coincidence that this fast-growing sport has become a must for all Italian clubs. This is because, behind the technical features of a young, fast, and adrenaline-pumping discipline, there are also profound dynamics that highlight its lively character and social potential.

There is no region and no province in our Country where the unmistakable padel courts haven't appeared in the past few years, attracting millions of new practitioners, even if only for the thrill of trying it. A trend shared with the rest of the Western world, where the numbers recorded by this sporting and folk phenomenon are decidedly relevant.

Two against two, in a court, made unique by the walls that surround it and which make the game always sparkling and engaging, for a surprisingly pleasant learning curve, even for beginners.
The most prestigious professional tournament on a global scale, the World Padel Tour, is now emerging as the true driving force of a sport, which is changing the habits of Italians. Behind it is the great interest aroused in the public and in occasional practitioners, who have found in padel a new way to stay fit and therefore be healthy.

The competition format

A nine-month-long competition, during which the best pairs in the world compete to crown the seasonal champions, and which in addition to the purely competitive aspect also highlights the aggregating nature of this discipline. Each stage is turned into a real ideological manifesto of sport in a broad sense, thanks to numerous collateral activities, the involvement of personalities from the show business, who are passionate about padel, and the setting up of ad hoc areas, dedicated to the enhancement of the fan experience.

A welcome return to Italy

For the second time in a row, the circuit has granted a stage of the tour to Italy, consequently bringing the top-rated pairs to our Country, to the Cagliari Tennis Club, ready to compete under the late summer sky. Sardinia thus enters the long list of locations that will host the 2021 World Padel Tour and that, from Argentina to Sweden, touching different continents, is showing off the best of the best.

Intesa Sanpaolo was the Main Partner of the Sardinian stage, because, in the values of padel, it can recall some of the pillars of its vision of the sports ecosystem. Supporting the show of sport at the highest level produces beneficial effects across the society, encouraging the practice and improving the quality of life.