Jannik Sinner & Intesa Sanpaolo

Jannik Sinner is an athlete we support and encourage in his developing career. We uphold the values and strength of character that he expresses every time he steps on to the court.

The talented young Italian is already one of the most popular tennis players in the world and is showing the potential to have a future with no boundaries. Together we hope to write an Italian story of success.

Born in San Candido, in the provence of Bolzano, Sinner has redefined the expectations of an entire generation of racket virtuosos by launching Italian tennis to the top of the international circuit.

His game is natural and instinctive, which when combined with the total mastery of the court, creates instant spell-binding tennis to watch, which appeals to all levels of tennis enthusiasts.

The history and achievements of the Italian tennis star

Jannik officially entered the ATP world rankings before his 18th birthday. L’enfant prodige of Italian tennis has unhinged many clichés of the sports narrative by setting alight each event with unnerving precociousness.

From his triumph at the Next Gen Atp Finals in 2019, to his first professional ATP title that he won on the hard-courts of the Sofia Open in November 2020, Jannik has embarked on a path of absolute excellence that makes him one of the most intriguing and beloved sportsmen from the “Bel paese”.

Fast hands and lightening reactions, his style is complete, flawless and also encompasses some of the shots of the great past as well as present tennis champions. 

His determination on and off the court

His approach to the game is mesmerising and infectious and her is always ready to share a smile with his opponents and the public. Jannik embodies to perfection the values of Intesa Sanpaolo Sports Manifesto, making tenacity and dedication the key tools to making his talent a complete success.

Not only committed to the tennis world, he also shows another side to his make-up, a side which is prepared to challenge issues on a humane level and make an evident improvement to our entire society. His project "What's kept you moving" works in conjunction with the World Health Organisation and is a campaign which has the noble aim of making young people aware of the impact that the global pandemic has had and continues to have on our mental health. 

An incredible effort which has seen Jannik bring together many prominent athletes, entrepreneurs and personalities from the world of entertainment. And unequivocal example of it’s importance on a global scale