Become a Financial Consultant

Prospects starting their career in financial consulting specialize in personal and family financial planning and management. Their objective is not to sell products, but to guide their clients by the hand, providing them with tools and advice to achieve their personal goals.
At Intesa Sanpaolo, as a financial advisor, you will develop strong empathy and listening skills towards the people you will meet and you will acquire financial, inheritance and insurance planning skills.

Junior Financial Consultant and with OCF qualification

In the Banca dei Territori Division there is a new professional opportunity: we are looking for people willing to undertake a professional path as financial consultants.

The financial advisors will be hired with a mixed contractual modality: they will work closely with the colleagues of the branch during the two days as an employee, and in the remaining three days of the week they will be freelancers.

For this professional figure we turn to both graduates and non graduates who do not yet have experience, and to professionals who have already obtained the OCF qualification.

As a Neo Financial Advisor, in your 6 months of internship, we will accompany you by providing you with all the training material useful for passing the OCF qualification exam. Once you pass the exam, you may be able to join our team of mixed contract financial advisors.

The two open opportunities

Who we’re looking for

Relationships and listening

The ability to listen to clients and partners and to build relationships based on trust will be key to your success.

Organizational skills

Having excellent organizational skills will help you develop and be one of the ways your performance is measured.

Entrepreneurial spirit

You will act as an independent entrepreneur focused on objectives and results.

Mixed contract

The mixed contract modality responds to the desire of many people to experience an entrepreneurial activity, while having the support of a large Group, which offers important job opportunities. The novelty of the contract lies in combining stability and entrepreneurship in a single professional figure!

With the mixed contract you will be employed by Intesa Sanpaolo for 2 days a week, while for the rest of the week you will experience freelance, with your VAT number. The advantages? You will be able to organize your working day, manage your customers independently and test your freelance with the support of a large Group.

Selection methods

Digital video interview

Want to join our team of financial consultants? A digital video interview is innovative and
fun! Free up a few minutes, find a place where you feel comfortable, turn on your computer or smartphone and record your answers to our recruiters’ questions. If you're not happy with your first answer, you can record a second. Candidates: if you have the right attributes, you’ll receive an invite to record your interview. If you pass the interview stage, you’ll be invited to a brief assessment so that we can get to know you better.

You could be the next person in the photo

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