Benefits and Services for the Persons

Investing in the value of our people has always been a concrete and daily commitment of Intesa Sanpaolo. For this reason, the Group provides a platform with over 300 navigable services in an easy and intuitive way based on people's needs, to improve well-being and quality of life. These are the services and useful initiatives to protect the greeting, increase well-being, enhance free time and better manage the most important projects and moments in everyone's life.


All employees have access to CareLab "an integrated system for experiencing the ways of well-being". It is a platform that offers content, tools and initiatives - created by experts - focused on the three areas of well-being:

  • physical: nutrition and physical activity;
  • psychological: introduction to energy practices and emotional well-being;
  • social: support and tools for work-life balance to support loved ones.

CareLab is also a laboratory in which to experiment, to find the path to the healthy lifestyle best suited to everyone.

Work life balance

We have a large range of initiatives designed to help our colleagues balance their private and professional lives and support people as they deal with day-to-day life - whether that means taking time out for themselves or to be with their nearest and dearest, or making use of smart-working policies, study leave or compassionate leave to care for a family member. We want to maintain a healthy balance between the private and professional lives of our colleagues, enabling them to make the most of life’s big moments.

Smart Working

What counts is the objective - not how you get there. Because when you're happy, your talent shines through. 

Free time

One of the things that sets Intesa Sanpaolo’s mission apart is the importance we give to culture, sport, entertainment and volunteering. We want our employees to benefit from special benefits in the world of culture, sport and free time stemming from the group’s promotions, collaborations and partnerships - from theatres to museums, cinemas, concerts and volunteering days.


We promote culture in all its forms, with discounts and special benefits for people who work for us. 


We promote sports among our employees and their families. “Sport is the way to ensure your health is as strong as iron”, as Gerhard Uhlenbruck said!

Health and wellbeing

We support the health and wellbeing of our employees and their nearest and dearest through medical assistance, safeguarding and prevention work, education around healthy lifestyles and solidarity activities.

Health Fund


The fund covers costs of specialist appointments, dental treatment, hospital admissions and life insurance... allowing you to feel good and care for yourself.

Health Insurance

Papà gioca con figlia

Policies for colleagues who wish to cover themselves against unexpected expenses caused by illness or injury. Because prevention makes you feel better.

Emotional well-being

Listening and Support Service

The Wellness toll-free number, managed by a leading European external company, offers free psychological support to those who face difficult situations or contexts or want to improve their life balance and personal well-being. Because "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves" (V. Frankl).

Energy and emotional well-being

Thanks to CareLab we examine psychological impact and experiment practices, such as mindfulness, to manage our emotions, increase concentration, reduce stress and promote relaxation, because "Indeed, balance itself is the good " ( Murakami).

Sport and Nutrition

Sport and Movement

Using video tutorials we promote the training, the live gym and the use of CareLab-accessible apps, the adoption of correct postures and the physical activity of our people and their families. Because "our nature consists in movement" (Socrates).


Thanks to CareLab we learn the practices for proper nutrition through information on the principles of healthy eating, the response to widespread needs, the nutritional quality of some foods, the change in eating habits. Because "we are what we eat" (Feuerback).

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