Women in Intesa Sanpaolo

The 2018-2021 Business Plan places emphasis on gender equity issues, defining the introduction in the evaluation system of about 900 managers of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group of the Diversity & Inclusion goal: the enhancement of female talent. The pool of managers involved in this assessment has progressively expanded, reaching  1,100 managers in 2019 and 1,200 managers in 2020.

During the year 2020, the D&I Operational Committee was established, with the function of aligning, comparing and sharing the Diversity & Inclusion initiatives with all the structures. Through the D&I Operational Committee, the various initiatives are communicated and conveyed throughout the Group and the specific needs of the structures are collected.

In Intesa Sanpaolo, talent has no gender: 54% of employees are women.

Support for STEM Women

Il supporto alle STEM
STEM in the City

STEM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”, and is used to refer to science/technology-based disciplines and subjects. We’re a partner organisation of the “STEM in the City” programme, which is organised with the Municipality of Milan. The programme aims to promote science and technology subjects, and strip away cultural stereotypes with result in women moving away from STEM subjects, with the objective of reducing the gender divide in related careers and professions.


A support for women from the University

The shortage of girls enrolled in STEM degree courses is no secret; Intesa Sanpaolo supports STEM students from various Italian universities with the provision of scholarships and mentoring programs.

  • Girls @ Polimi: the project involving scholarships, training and mentoring dedicated to Politecnico of Milan's students;
  • Federico II of Naples: scholarships for students of Physics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies and Mathematics and Applications;
  • University of Calabria: scholarships for students of Physics, Computer Engineering, Modeling, Electronics and Systems and Mathematics and Information Technology;
  • University of Catania: scholarships for physics students; Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering and Mathematics and Computer Science;
  • University of Palermo: scholarships for students of Physics, Engineering and Mathematics and IT;
  • Polytechnic of Bari: scholarships for students of Electrical Energy and Information Engineering, Mechanical and Management Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.

YEP: mentoring for the future of university women students

Intesa Sanpaolo has launched YEP, a project to enhance female talent with a specific focus on Southern Italy; the goal is to generate a positive impact in all areas of the Italian territory.

The program, developed in collaboration with Ortygia Business School, provides a mentoring process aimed at bringing young women students from Southern Italy closer to the world of work, benefiting - through individual coaching - from the experience of Intesa Sanpaolo female managers and professionals.

Women's Podcast

Intesa Sanpaolo On Air dedicates two sections of its podcast to women.

With "Women in Bank" we tell the stories of women in this sector, from the twentieth century to today. All the archives tell who we have been, who we are, and give us the elements to understand who we will be.

With "The Magnificent of Science", Gabriella Greison tells about  the heroines of science of the past to inspire those of the future. A tribute to women who have defied the conventions of a male-dominated scientific community. Episode after episode, we will be transported on a journey through history to discover the dreams, successes, failures and battles of these women who have paved the way for new generations of scientists.

Intesa Sanpaolo for Women

ABI Card

Carta ABI

We have signed up to the ABI “Women in the Bank; enhancing gender diversity ”, testifying to our constant commitment to gender equality.

In accordance with the principles promoted by the Italian Banking Association, we are committed to enhancing our company policies according to the principle of equal opportunities, promoting a work environment that is inclusive and open to all the values of diversity; we strengthen our processes to promote gender equality and spread the full participation of women at every level of the company.


Value D

It is the Association of Companies that promotes diversity, talent and female leadership. We founded it and we support it every day.

An example of all the initiatives is InspirinGirls: a project in which middle school girls and boys meet women managers of the Group to overcome gender stereotypes that can hinder dreams and ambitions in school age and influence the choice of subsequent educational paths.

Women Empawerment Principles

Intesa Sanpaolo has signed the Women's Empowerment Principles, promoted by the United Nations Organization. We are committed to treating women and men fairly, promoting gender equity starting with top management. We work to ensure professional development, safety, well-being and health for all the people of the Group.

Women Value Company
Women Value Company

For years we have supported the Women Value Company award for the enhancement of female talent in small and medium-sized entrepreneurship.
Promoted by the Belisario Foundation, the award enhances small and medium-sized enterprises in which women, equality and welfare represent elements of great value on which to invest to contribute to positive social change.

Women Value Company

Mum@Work is the loan aimed at all Intesa Sanpaolo customers with children intended to supplement the available funds in order to allow mothers to reconcile life and work; is aimed at mothers with children up to 36 months of age and provides advantageous conditions.

Thanks to this loan, workers with children can reconcile their professional life with family commitments, even during a complex period such as the one experienced in 2020.

The Gemma Business Loan

Intesa Sanpaolo provides the Gemma Business Loan, a loan aimed at all women entrepreneurs or self-employed workers, to support the establishment of new companies, start up freelance work, develop existing businesses or deal with unforeseen professional situations.