Integrity in conduct

Protection of free competition and of consumer

The Group constantly oversees and promotes free competition and spreads the culture of compliance with antitrust legislation, working to ensure that international, European and national rules and procedures on the subject are effectively applied and respected, so as to make concrete the commitment, enshrined in the Ethical Code, to compete fairly in the market and cooperate with other economic entities, private and public, whenever necessary to strengthen the overall capacity of the countries where the Group operates.

To this end, it has long since equipped equipped itself with antitrust non-compliance risk oversight and has adopted an extensive Antitrust Compliance Programme. The coverage of the topic has been extended to include, in addition to the more classic declinations of antitrust regulations (concentrations, abuses of a dominant position and agreements), also the European legislation on state aid and the recent Italian regulations in support of the competitiveness of the Italian system.



64.2% people trained on the protection of free competition


82.1% people trained on consumer protection

In addition to training, in digital mode, in 2023 the activity of raising awareness and disseminating the culture of antitrust compliance within the Group continued through the creation of 10 Web TV clips, the publication of 13 articles for the Group's communication periodical “Mosaico” (also translated into English) and the dissemination of specific “Antitrust Update” reports.