CSR governance

The Corporate Social Responsibility, set up in order to monitor and coordinate the various issues relating to social and environmental responsibility, reports through the Chief Financial Officer to the Managing Director and CEO and Board of Directors. It collaborates with a network of Delegates within the various departments in Italy and abroad. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Board of Directors

The board of Directors, with the support of the Risk Committee, approves: 

  • the annual Consolidated Non-Financial Statement, monitoring the Group’s performance in sustainability, including in terms of combating climate change
  • the updates to the Code of Ethics and the CSR guidelines.

The Risk Committee assesses and examines CSR issues, to help ensure the best control of risks in this area. 

In liaison with Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Audit, the Management Control Committee monitors compliance with the principles and values contained in the Code of Ethics; as regards the Statement, it monitors observance of the applicable provisions and reports on this matter in the annual report to the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Managing Director and CEO

The Managing Director and CEO, through the Chief Financial Officer, governs sustainability performance and exercises the power to make resolution proposals to the Board in line with his office.

Chief Financial Officer

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility aims to oversee the process of defining, approving and updating Group guidelines on sustainability in accordance with corporate strategies and objectives. In particular, it is responsible for:

  • provide for sustainability reporting with the Consolidated Non-financial Statement and other thematic publications
  • maintain the updating of the Code of Ethics and monitor its application with the support of the Chief Audit Officer
  • supervise relations with the financial community and guarantee timely feedback on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) issues, also for the purposes of positioning the Group in ratings and sustainability indexes
  • supervise the promotion and implementation of sustainability aspects in the Group's operations, including Climate Change issues
  • supervising stakeholder engagement on sustainability issues
  • to take care of the communication and training activities of the Group on sustainability

The Code of Ethics, adopted in 2007, expresses the identity of the Bank, its mission and reference values, as well as the principles it adopts in relations with its stakeholders.

The Corporate Social Responsibility structure periodically presents a report to the Management Control Committee on the state of implementation of the Code of Ethics, on critical issues and reports from stakeholders as well as on the consequent expected corrective actions.

The assessment of critical issues takes place on the basis of what emerges from a periodic assessment carried out by a specialized and independent consultancy company to assess the consistency of the corporate management processes with the values ​​of the Code of Ethics. The report to the Governing Bodies also includes the summary of reports by stakeholders of violations of company principles and values.

Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2018:
Code of Ethics
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2019
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