The dialogue with stakeholders

The social and economic context in continuous evolution and the increasing awareness of consumers require every company to know how to cope with the new dynamic scenarios. For this reason, a structured approach to stakeholder engagement is fundamental, also in terms of reputational risk management.

To define and implement its stakeholder engagement process, Intesa Sanpaolo identifies the following principles as the foundation on which to build highly effective stakeholder engagement:

  • Inclusion, meaning promoting stakeholder engagement in developing and attaining a responsible and strategic response to sustainability
  • Materiality, meaning understanding the relevance and importance that an issue holds for an organisation and its stakeholders
  • Responsiveness, consisting in providing an adequate response to issues raised by stakeholders, through decisions, actions and results as well as through communication activities.

Each year, Intesa Sanpaolo conducts the stakeholder engagement according to the process defined by the AA1000 AccountAbility standard and through the essential operating tools in the various stages of the activities such as stakeholder mapping and selection of the engagement method.

The methodology provides for following activities


Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2019
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