To a large company such as Intesa Sanpaolo, the supply and sub-supply system represents an important and delicate area. The social and environmental responsibility must necessarily be one of the criteria guiding the management of the impacts that the purchase of goods and services generates on the company and the environment. In this light, the Parent Company intends to set up supply systems that minimise such impacts and to keep a check on the supply chain, by cooperating with consumer associations and environmental and human rights organisations.

The Group takes heed of the impacts generated by customers and suppliers, contributing to the spread of virtuous processes and conduct as regards the environment.


Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2018

Social and environmental responsibility practices

The implementation of the said management model follows two lines of action:

  • the first is mainly focused on its relationships with suppliers, with a strong emphasis on transparency, fairness and integrity on the way it is managed. Also important is the the equitality aspect in order to ensure equal opportunities to all the key players
    The guiding principles of this approach derive from the principles set out in the Code of Ethics. When registering to the Portal, Suppliers are required to consult it and, subsequently, in case of the stipulation of supply or service, contracts they have to make the commitment - even for their members, employees, collaborators, sub-suppliers - to respect the principles of the Code in the execution of conferred tasks. When registering, suppliers must also view Intesa Sanpaolo's Organisational, Management and Control Model (Legislative Decree 231/2001) and Internal Code of Conduct
  • the second area is tied to the promotion of the suppliers’ social and environmental responsibility practices, also through the Suppliers Portal. In the Vendor Management module of the Portal there is a questionnaire dedicated to the CSR themes and the possibility of attaching documentation that complies with the stated commitments.

The evaluation of the suppliers registered to the portal allowed us to lay the foundations for an approach increasingly oriented to the mitigation of the risks arising from the supply chain management.

The principles of transparency and fairness declared in the Code of Ethics adopted by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and stated in the Guidelines for Group Procurement have been the guiding principles of the Procurement management process reform.  

The implementation of the Contract Management module (a single archive of contracts) was completed in 2018 and, together with the modules already activated in 2017 – Vendor Management (registrations with Supplier Gate and qualification of the vendor and third parties) and Sourcing (management of procurement events) – constitutes the complete Supplier Gate suite for the integrated management of the procurement process, in line with an approach increasingly focused on negotiation ethics and the competitive comparison of the technical and economic characteristics of the offers presented by suppliers and subcontractors.

Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2018:  

Suppliers indicators

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