Sustainability policies

Policies are key documents in the path of sustainability that Intesa Sanpaolo has decided to undertake. Starting from the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics, they establish rules to ensure transparency and professionalism in the relationship with stakeholders and identify the responsible functions for the different activities.

Group guidelines for the governance of environmental social and governance (ESG) risks A specific regulation is in force for the governance of the Group's ESG risks and defines the general criteria for the management of ESG risks in the main areas of activity.
Rules on Oil&Gas sector
The document provides specific exclusions and limitations to Group's operations  on Oil&Gas sector
Rules for lending operations in the coal sector The document sets out, for the Group, limitations and exclusion criteria with reference to lending operations in the coal sector in implementation of the "Guidelines for the governance of environmental, social and governance risks regarding lending operations" and in line with the indications contained therein.
Rules governing transactions with subjects active in the armaments sector
The rules define the provisions that the Intesa Sanpaolo Group intends to adopt in its banking and/or lending activities with subjects operating in the armaments sector and identify some particularly controversial areas from which the Intesa Sanpaolo Group intends to abstain.
Policy concerning the financing of political parties The policy applies to all the foreign subsidiaries in the Group and aligns, with the existing Parent Company regulations, the management with and the granting of loans to political parties and entities (physical and juridical) connected thereto. It reiterates the ban on disbursements through charity and sponsorship, as established by the Group's Model for the management of administrative liability pursuant to italian Legislative Decree 231/01.