Sustainability policies

Policies are key documents in the path of sustainability that Intesa Sanpaolo has decided to undertake. Starting from the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics, they establish rules to ensure transparency and professionalism in the relationship with stakeholders and identify the responsible functions for the different activities.

Principles on Human Rights
The principles define the Group's commitment to human rights in the relationship with all internal and external subjects and explain the main areas of responsibility towards each stakeholder.
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Principles In this document, Intesa Sanpaolo expresses its policy of inclusion towards all forms of diversity and based on respect for all people, on meritocracy and equal opportunities, also assuming concrete commitments in promoting an inclusive environment and defining the expected behaviors by everyone
Rules for combatting sexual harassment
The rules state the Group’s strong commitment to preventing and combatting any form of sexual harassment to ensure full respect for each person and the maximum protection of each person’s dignity.
Modern Slavery Statement The document describes the measures taken to combat the risk of modern slavery in its operations and in its supply chain. The Statement versions of the previous years are available on the Human Rights page.