Customer satisfaction

Quality of service and customer satisfaction

The Group is focused on providing excellent banking, financial and insurance products and services to customers, activating development levers for the local areas in which it operates. The service model is divided into business areas, with an organizational structure that ensures coverage in Italy and in the foreign countries in which the Group operates.

Dialogue with customers represents a continuous commitment for the Group, in order to maintain the relationship at a level of excellence, maximizing satisfaction and reducing the probability and relevance of complaints and disputes.

The level of satisfaction and the quality of the service are monitored by dedicated structures in the various business Divisions, to identify factors of satisfaction and dissatisfaction and promptly intercept the areas in which to intervene, activating dedicated processes and improvement actions.


Net Promoter Score - NPS®

The NPS is one of the main customer listening tools. It is an indicator that expresses the likelihood of customers to recommend a product, a service or a company It is calculated in index points (between -100 and +100) by subtracting the percentage of detractors (dissatisfied customers) from the percentage of promoters (loyal customers). Intesa Sanpaolo carries out NPS surveys via telephone, email, App or Internet Banking on Retail, Retail Companies, Business, Third Sector and Agribusiness customers.
The 2023 survey is the result of 729,000 surveys (701,000 on private customers, 65,000 on business customers, 11,000 on Third Sector customers and 17,000 on Agribusiness customers),

The NPS trend is growing during 2023 for all Business Territories, confirming the importance of caring for relationships and attention to customers, which have allowed us to obtain higher satisfaction results than those recorded in the previous year.

Findings collected from the Banca dei Territori Division customers.

In 2023, the new "Customer Experience in Branch" portal was released, which allows the network to access a quality summary framework and is designed to provide support in the complex work of customer relationships management. The "Customer Experience in Branch" offers a concise, complete and timely view of the quality perceived by customers in their interactions with the Branches, to identify areas for improvement and define increasingly accurate action plans.

Listening on ESG issues

In 2023, the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division (IMI CIB) involved some large clients in a structured listening project, to explore companies' interest in transaction banking products linked to ESG issues and KPIs.

Results of listening surveys on ESG issues


> 60% customers of the Fideuram, Sanpaolo Invest, IW Private Investments and Fideuram Direct networks are familiar are aware of ESG investments


71% customers of Fideuram, Sanpaolo Invest, IW Private Investments e Fideuram Direct networks who know these products declare their willingness to include them in their portfolio, even in significant proportions


53% Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking customers are aware of ESG investments


36% Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking customers have ESG funds in their portfolio


>60% of Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking customers, for the same return, prefer to invest in ESG instruments

Management of complaints

The careful and prompt management of complaints and other requests made by customers expressing their dissatisfaction is of fundamental importance for consolidating the relationship of trust and addressing critical situations.

A significant number of requests received concern the transfer of Intesa Sanpaolo's "predominantly digital" customers to isybank (13,999). In light of the preliminary investigation proceedings initiated by the AGCM in November following reports received regarding alleged irregularities in this operation, the two banks submitted to the Authority a proposal of commitments which include: (i) the possibility of starting a new account with Intesa Sanpaolo at improved conditions compared to those in place before the transfer for customers transferred on 16 October 2023; (ii) the collection of explicit consent to the transfer for the remaining customers interested in the operation.

The Group's commitment to the timely management of complaints as a tool for improving customer relations is demonstrated by the average response times to customers reported by the Parent Company, which are much lower than those required by the relevant legislation.